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  1. Koma 2004, starring Karena Lam and Angelica Lee Director: Law Chi-Leung Brilliant, supertaut psychological thriller involving murder, sex, jealousy, illegal organ donation and the best play-on-your-fears-about-dodgy-urban-myths idea I think I've ever seen. Great performances all round - Karena Lam is particularly brilliant at keeping your sympathies guessing and moving from being on her side to wondering if she's a nutter: is she the wronged, put-upon party or is there something more going on? And the ending beats 20 little Japanese girls climbing out of the telly - it's just real enough to make you double-check you've locked your front door.
  2. Warlock 1989, starring Lori Singer, Julian Sands, Richard E. Grant. Director: Steve Miner Julian Sands plays the titular magic-maker, but Harry Potter he ain't. Richard E. Grant is the medieval witch-hunter who captures him... until the devil transports them both 200 years into the future to downtown LA (as you do). If the Warlock can track down and re-form the three pieces of the Evil One's "anti-bible", the whole of creation will be destroyed. Which would be bad, I suppose. Lori Singer is the spunky modern LA chick whose 20th century habits clash with Grant's carcass-wearing, whip-totin' 1800s ways. Not a fraction as hokey as my half-arsed description makes it sound - it's a solid, creepy horror thriller with some great interplay between Singer and Grant and some truly shockingly nasty moments - the "possession" scene is particularly skin-tingling. The Warlock himself is bleached-blonde, walking evil incarnate - charming on the surface; a seriously nasty piece of work underneath. The effects (and it's not overly burdened with them) are a little dated, but that's the only real duff note in a clever story (written by the same fella who came up with Pitch Black). Ignore the piece of shit sequel, though. It's a piece of shit.
  3. Bubba Ho-Tep 2002, starring Bruce Campbell and Ossie Davis Director: Don Coscarelli Ash as Elvis. Need I say more? Oh, okay then. Elvis, hacked off with fame, swaps places with one of his impersonators to get back a taste of freedom for a bit, but then loses his chance to swap back. Instead, decades later, he ends up a decripit old codger in a nursing home with the "real" JFK, Ossie Davis, who is still alive albeit with an identity radically altered for the purposes of National Security. An Egyptian life-sucking-zombie-mummy shows up and starts offing the other elderly residents, upon which all manner of creepy shenanigans and black humour ensue. Dark, off-the-wall, totally original and pant-wettingly funny. And the Special Edition DVD has a commentary with Bruce Campbell in character as Elvis - that alone must surely be worth your hard-earned £ or $. Just try not to think about the fact that Coscarelli is the man who inflicted The Beastmaster upon an unsuspecting world.
  4. Paperhouse 1988, starring Charlotte Burke, Glenne Headley and Ben Cross Director: Bernard Rose Sickley pre-adolescent girl draws creepy little pictures of a spooky house, which start to come "alive" in her dreams and grow progressively darker and scarier as her condition deteriorates. A dark children's fantasy that is most definitely not meant for kids at all, this one still sends the same chills up the back of my neck now I'm in my thirties as it did when I was 12. And Bernard Rose went on to direct the brilliant and haunting Candyman, of course, which makes me proud that we exported him from our little island.
  5. Thanks Baz. I actually just checked out Nostalgia Comics in the city centre this weekend, which is fantastic. And I managed to get all four issues of Alien Pig Farm 3000 on eBay, which I'm hugely excited about - hopefully they'll arrive this week and I can eat them up! Cheers guys for all the welcomes x
  6. ..... tracked down a copy of Thursday on the wonder that is eBay. ..... knocked back a caramel macchiato. ..... bought the Day Watch novel, which I've been meaning to get for ages. And as it's fricking freezing over here in Blighty at the minute with a cold snap and snow forecast for the next couple of days, I'm going to go home now, curl up in the warm with a huge mug of tea (English persons' answer to every problem that ever lived), and spend the rest of the weekend listening to some tunes and reading Lukyanenko. Sweet.
  7. Just wanted to say that I made an effort last night to try and catch up with everyone else a little bit with the back catalogue, and bought The Punisher on my way home from work to watch for the very first time. Ever..... ...and I loved it, loved it, LOVED IT!!!! I'm big on my action films generally anyway, but I was so thrilled to find (as has been said by so many on the forum already) that this was just in a totally different league to your "standard" action thriller - gritty, real, and utterly absorbing. I didn't think it was possible that I'd ever shed a tear watching a "revenge" genre pic, but the shot when Frank walks back into the house on the beach for the first time after everything's kicked off, and the look in his eyes...... total goosebumps, and I'm not ashamed to say that I bawled like the girl I am. He just looked like such a completely broken man, and it was heartbreaking. Awesome. Also, the "torture" scene with the little fella from Ocean's 11 - absolute class. If it's interpreted as Frank having too much fun messing with the guy as I read on one of the earlier posts, then I must have a twisted sense of humour, because I was wetting myself laughing. Funniest thing I've watched in ages, and completely unexpected - I hadn't realised how much humour (dark, my favourite) the story was going to have. Jane's deadpan delivery and timing rocks. Loved Ben Foster as well - he didn't have all that much screen time, but I thought what he did with it was brilliant - really brought his character alive. Was predisposed to like him anyway as I thought he was cracking in 30 Days of Night and Alpha Dog. I've never read the comics, so am I right to assume that those three characters in Frank's building were originally in them? Found the score a little distracting at a couple of points, and didn't love John Travolta as much as I'd hoped - matter of opinion I know, but he just seemed to me to be playing the same character from Face/Off except dialled back down from 11 to about 6 - but definitely can see myself wearing this DVD out!! Was it just me by the way, or did anyone else watch the scene on the pier with the wife and son - and again, not having read the comics, I don't know if the scene was lifted directly from them or not, so 'scuse me if I'm being thick - and think...... Mad Max?
  8. Well, I posted a quick hello to all on the other intro thread earlier, but I can't possibly skip over this one: Name: Angela Location: Birmingham, England, UK (but only for the next 4 weeks...) Your Interests (besides Tom, of course): Writing; films (Action, Sci-Fi, Horror, Drama, Thriller..); music (rock i.e. Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters, plus The B52s and anything I can warble badly to in the shower); travelling round the Good Ol' US of A for three months from the beginning of March; reading (mostly bios, although I've got Fight Club and LA Confidential (to read for the billionth time) ready to see me through my flight); abusing my work internet access by coming on this forum. When did you first become a fan of Tom's?: I recall him making an impression when I watched Deep Blue Sea. But I suspect that may have been the wetsuit. What are your favourite Tom-related films?: Boogie Nights, The Mist, Dreamcatcher (terrific ensemble, and being a Brit have to give extra kudos to Damian Lewis). Although I've just ordered Stander on DVD, and from what I've read about it I expect it'll jump to the front of the queue... What future Tom-related project (comics/films) are your most anticipating?: Dark Country - I'm always intrigued watching films from actor/directors, especially when they direct themselves; working as an actor must bring quite a different perspective to handling a production (says me who knows naff all about making films, despite how many of them I watch). Mutant Chronicles - Ron Perlman is quite simply the coolest man alive (with the possible exception of Sam Jackson). And I have to track down Alien Pig Farm - definitely sounds right up my street. In what film role do you like Tom best?: The Mist, but I've got some catching up to do! How much have you seen of his Filmography: Face/Off, Magnolia, The Thin Red Line, Boogie Nights, Deep Blue Sea, The Mist, Dreamcatcher. Although he's such a chameleon that half of those I had no idea it was him I was watching (so if I want to make any kind of worthwhile contribute to the forum, I guess I'd better get them back out and watch them again!). Also must be the only person on here who hasn't actually seen The Punisher, so damn, I s'pose I'll have to get back on Amazon and add that one to my shopping cart too... Loving the diversity of the folks here - is nice to see so many like-minded souls! Ange x
  9. Cheers for the explanation Brian, much appreciated!
  10. Thought I should stop in and say hi to you fine folks before I start wading into threads with my uninvited, ill-informed Brit opinions! My name's Angela, currently living in Brum, England, but shortly about to decamp for a mammoth jaunt around your very lovely, quite spectacularly enormous country. Found my way to this site from being blown away (pardon the pun) by The Mist and was intrigued to see TJ's and Steve Niles' names bandied about together all over the net - never previously a comic (graphic novel? Is there actually a difference, or is it just that some people prefer using one term or another? Being green to all this, can someone explain it to me??!!) fan but went straight out and bought the first 30 Days of Night after seeing the film (first movie vampires I've enjoyed in a long time who actually kicked some serious ass). Loving the descriptions I've been reading of Alien Pig Farm, although I'm betting I won't be able to track down any of the issues on our little island! And this is the last time you'll ever see me include the initials "TJ" in a post - sorry, but it just makes me think of William Shatner. And that's just wrong...
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