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  1. Welcome back Mr Jane. Looking forward to Give 'em Hell, Malone. Ain't seen any good noir recently. Also holding out for Dark Country. Good cast, plot and its in 3-d, delicious. Cheers, MuseDawg
  2. Just joined up now. Looking forward to hearing more news. Regards, MuseDawg
  3. Sounds like another good Raw project to keep an eye on. Would love to see Tom and Harvey Keitel appear together in this, that would be too much talent in one place though.
  4. This film is going to be epic. I love war films and I love horror, what more can I say? So glad this film is getting off the ground, when I first heard about it thought it was a joke. Regards, MuseDawg
  5. Im definitely gonna pick this up.
  6. I've only just recently come across this forum. Have already read most of the threads. This film (Dark Country), sounds amazing. It's like I had a dream about the perfect film and then came on this forum and there it was, not only being made but starring one of my favourite actors Mr Jane. I hope everything is going well with pre-production because haven't heard anything In a while. Regards, MuseDawg
  7. Greetings Everyone, I just accidently stumbled onto www.thomasjane.com and found this forum. Im a big Tom Jane fan. Name: Nik Location: New Zealand Your Interests (besides Tom, of course): Music (I have an extensive cd collection), Writing (I manage a blog and am currently in the process of writing my first series), Reading (Am currently reading The Dresden Files series and The Wheel of Time Series) and Films (I also have an extensive collection of DVDs and am an avid cinema attendee). When did you first become a fan of Tom's? When I watched The Punisher I wasn't expecting much but quite to the contrary It lit an unquenchable fire in me to not only pursue Tom Jane's future and past efforts but also to develop a love of The Punisher comics and graphic novels. What are your favorite Tom-related films? The Punisher, The Mist. What future Tom-related project (comics/films) are you most anticipating? Quite honestly I am looking forward to all of Tom's future projects, however I am looking forward to Give 'em Hell, Malone the most as I am a noir fanatic. In what film role do you like Tom best? The Mist, The movie wasn't that fantastic but Tom was, he really carried it on his shoulders and made it enjoyable. How much have you seen of his Filmography? Face/Off, The Thin Red Line, The Punisher, The Mist and I also own and have played The Punisher Game and Gun. Sweet as, Im off to immerse myself in all things Tom.
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