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  1. That poster Rocks! TJ is such the classic hero. not sure where TJ stands with the progress of AMDASH, but I found a link to a scene with the actor who wants a shot at being in the movie (Tom Archdeacon) in law & order that is pretty crazy. It's almost a 5 minute scene, but it really gets intense at about 3 minutes in. Tom Archdeacon L&O SVU http://vimeo.com/82027257
  2. I second that, Definitely loving the locks! Anyone know what TJ working in now??
  3. TIM, i second that you are awesome! just like TOM (J) you are both awesome for giving this guy a real shot. ALSO, his info is on IMDB, he lives here in los angeles, and his email is posted, tomarchdeacon9@gmail.com. Excited to see the outcome!
  4. TJ - I just saw this and want to say that you are an AMAZING PERSON for giving him a shot. I think this guy is really brave for doing this, and I am really excited to see all the positive comments here and on Youtube. There is a great energy that is brewing around you and the film as a result.
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