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  1. Hi All, I haven't been on here in a long time. Obviously, AMDASH has been stalled for a while. Tom mentioned lack of funds... I would be curious to know how much we are lacking by? Aside from being an Actor / drooling fan who begged for an audition opportunity via YouTube. I have been producing for several years now... If you go onto my producer credits on IMDB, you'll see that I am an Executive Producer on a project in post production called BAD HURT. A very gritty/heavy Indie drama that was shot with Martin Scorsese's team a few moths back. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm179
  2. Thank you brother! Are you in in the UK< or the States?
  3. For record, I am a MORON with computers... that said, I haven't sorted out navigating the website yet, thus I wasn't sure how to respond to each individual post so let me say thanks to Aaaron52101 for going out of his way to post the first YouTube video, to Sinn, Jayesse8. Adam Stines, Geoff Woody, LadyBug2, Esco for those positive responses... to Tuffybxnyc for that amazing post. To indeiflick_chick90 for welcoming me and all of the positive wishes. To Sunshine for actually finding my reel online and caring enough to investigate (I always wanted to check out Toronto ) If so, it would be gr
  4. This is all INCREDIBLY FANTASTIC! I can't get over how supportive Tom Jane's fans have been to me - a fellow Tom Jane fan - yet, a total stranger. It just goes to show the kind and class of people his work inspires. Thomas Jane fans really are the best! Pure class... I guarantee you if I made a youtube video asking to be in any other big star's film the fans would respond with something along the lines of, "Screw this Irish fool, CHOOSE ME instead." I am really taken aback by this, especially that Thomas Jane himself commented on bringing me in, and NOW by what incredibly kind thin
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