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    Hey Tom, congrats on the season 2 pick up. Really loving the show. http://tv.ign.com/articles/100/1009349p1.html
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    I'm two episodes in now (decided to check this show because it's running with True Blood, one of my favourite shows). Alright Mr. Jane, you've sold me. Hung is hilarious. I'm definitely looking forward to future episodes. Hilarious stuff. Hope it lasts longer than Lipkin's last series, The Riches. Cool stuff.
  3. Been a long time since I was here... but here's my review of the film:
  4. I just saw War, Inc., starring John Cusack, Marissa Tomei, Ben Kingsley, and some more people. It's sort of a spiritual successor to Grosse Point Blank, in a few ways, but it's different. It's a lot more political. I watched it, I found it really good, and I didn't really understand why critics didn't like it, or why it was a failure at the box office. It was really good.
  5. I find it amusing that you posted like 5 times in the space of about 10 minutes, back-to-back.
  6. Hey guys, remember that interrogation spoof video that was posted a little while back? Get ready for Part Two!
  7. There is no 'original' cut. The cut that we see on-screen is the same cut it was meant to be all along. There's only one scene that was filmed that didn't make it into the film (probably was cut for pacing reasons). That scene took place right after Joker pushes Rachel out the window. It's basically Joker leaving the penthouse and talking to one of his goons about how Batman tried to save Rachel.
  8. You're funny. On one hand, you're campaigning tirelessly that Thomas Jane made the best film EVER, and the new film is gonna be the coming of the Anti-Christ, and when Tom makes comments that may be antithetical to that assumption that you hold so dear, you sort of... freak out. I think you may have severe psychological problems. Me, I'd suggest seeking help, so you don't just snap one day and do things that, well, nobody wants to see you splattered all over the news.
  9. Awww... Fred... You can't leave. If you leave, I'm gonna have to be the one to pick up the slack and pound TL's face into the metaphorical ground.
  10. To read everything you write is to read pointless garbage.
  11. FUCKING A. Brand new trailer for MAX PAYNE... and it's fucking great! http://www.aintitcool.com/node/38112 It starts out the same as the first one, but it's way cooler, and it's longer.
  12. That is... well, it's just kind of sad. Though it would explain quite a bit about why you're so angry all the time. Ever consider doing something more productive than ranting and raving at a bunch of dudes on the internet?
  13. Well... coming to terms with it is the first step.
  14. How do you know? Oh my God, are you psychic!?
  15. I just read that here as well: http://www.moviehole.net/200815169-mulcahy...-em-hell-malone So when does this start shooting?
  16. Great examples, an anti-Semite and a plastic surgery addict.
  17. I always imagined you having the voice that Bale has in TDK, Thomas. Like an ass.
  18. I don't know if you realized this, but Hollywood business, it's very, very easy to stain your reputation. Some professionalism won't go amiss. See, this is why I want to see you go to Hollywood. Five bucks says you become the most hated guy there, cause you'll just go around ripping half the people a new one, and the other half praising them to the heights of God. You're just as bad as the IMDB people. You believe that everyone else who has an opinion regarding this film that is different to yours to be full of shit. And you're very vocal about that, which usually wouldn't be a huge deal, except you take it to an extreme that it's really ridiculous and hurts your cause. You basically scream 'cheese' over and over again, scream that everyone else is wrong, blame everyone else, and believe that your opinion is better than everyone else's without actually watching the film, walking in biased as hell. And I know you're gonna come out and deny what I just said, or say that I'm just as bad, whatever I don't give a fuck. Sometimes I just get tired of hearing basically the same thing over and over again. Like, you literally have posted the same post like 300 times in this thread about why the movie's gonna blow, and you keep saying that. We get it. Our families get it. Poor African orphans in a war-torn country half-way across the world fucking get it. So you know, I've said my piece. You wanna shout at me, insult me, go right ahead. I don't exactly care.
  19. It's unprofessional, if you're gonna want to be working in Hollywood yet you're gonna constantly scream insults at the work of other people. And that post makes you look like an unstable lunatic. At least if Bradstreet doesn't agree with something, he doesn't come out and rant. He acts "professional". You don't. You act like you've been off your schizo meds for a few weeks.
  20. I think you deserve a slap in the face...
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