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  1. Hey I've said this before on another forum... Am I the only one who gets a Starship Troopers meets Street Fight (and I'm talking the Van Damme film) vibe from this... Because that is a very scary vibe... a very scary vibe indeed. I hope when the trailers come out it doesn't turn that vibe into a deep rooted gut feeling. (who knows... G.I. Joe could end up being the scariest movie of 2009)
  2. If nothing else I love the fact that they are using an image of him as the Punisher over other characters (like Mitch Hunter).
  3. Clearing my head some… Over the past few weeks an idea or concept for a Punisher story has been rattling around in my brain. I thinking of this more as a sequel to the 2004 film rather than just a comic book story. Actually I don’t really know what’s possessing me to post this here… maybe I just have some odd need to gain feedback on some of my hair-brained ideas. I do know that writing things out helps to clear my head… and save ideas for future reference. I guess this is an okay thread to post this. (Warning this is a word document... so there will be a bunch of red and green
  4. Oh I know how the fan boy temper can flare up all too well. My first foray into this kind of forum was on IMDb... boy can't tempers flare up there (especially when responses to any of your arguments are usually pathetic and petty insults). I like how even when annoyed people on this forum seem to still be rather respectful to each other. If I was actually talking to you about War Zone then you might possibly see my temper (short that it is... its why I even though I can I don't carry in Miami, the people piss me off too much at times). But in writting I can usually reign in most of
  5. Though I to have enjoyed Oswalt's stand-up it doesn't mean that his okay of War Zone some how exonorates the movie from its abundant failings. If he, as a fan of the character, did indeed enjoy the movie then good for him. I unfortunately did not enjoy the film in the least. Its also a bit sad that Alexander uses his review as a way of saying "He gets it. Why don't you?" A bit aggrivating really. Also... I sitll feel that both the 2004 The Punisher and The Punisher: War Zone could have greatly benefited from a more continual voice over narration from the character, just like
  6. Now that is what I call a tirade! Key thing is I really can't disagree with anything you just wrote. In fact I agree with most of it quite whole-heartedly. As much as my morbid curiosity wishes to listen to commentary on War Zone just to figure out what the hell they were thinking, I can't bring myself to drop any cash on any of the DVD's... though that single DVD cover looks good. Nor can I bring myself to view the film once more either. I watched the 2004 one in the theaters 3 times, but I only saw this one once and wished that I hadn't (even though the trailers for it were already
  7. I can agree with that. It's funny the more I find out word of mouth on Tom Jane and his views of the character the more respect I have for him. The more I find out word of mouth on Lexi Alexander and her views on the character the more she bothers or aggrivates me. I guess that's probably becuase Jane's views and interpretation of the Punisher seems to mirror my own whereas Alexander's views do not mirror mine in any way shape or form. A bit of personal bias I guess...
  8. Holy smeg! There is an intro thread?!... I must be blind in one eye and can't see out the other to have missed this. Name: Hmm... should I answer this truthfully? McSheehy Location: Miami, FL (sobbing... I hate this city, can't afford to leave just yet) Your Interests (besides Tom, of course): Crap... I never know how to answer this without going overboard... Science Fiction & Fantasy (books, comics, or film), History, Weapons (usually in their use in history... but I also follow IPSIC, IDPA, and SASS), Games Workshop (its easier to give a link than to try and explain it
  9. $39.99 Ouch! And I thought the $12 I paid to watch it the theaters was a waste. At this point I don't give a rats ass who plays Frank Castle in the future (if there is one) whether its Ray or Tom once more or someone else entirely all I want is to see the story done well. I mean War Zone had a great concept with Frank dealing with the issue of fucking up and accidentally killing a fed, but it just completely fell apart in a rather pointless way. I know that action and violence is central to the character but it shouldn't overshadow a good story. Too much of the violence in
  10. Ugh... zany... Does anyone else get the Ghost Rider movie vibe when they see the word 'zany' in referrence to the Jonah Hex movie. This could end very poorly, especially since focusing on 'zany' can easily end up leading to 'goofy'. Batman, Ghost Rider, the Punisher, Jonah Hex, and several character like them all have a dark and sometimes disturbing underlying story that it seems some filmmakers just want to ignore in favor of the bizarre and somewhat surreal nature of the artwork of the comics. The problem with that is the dark story (or just the story period) is what makes th
  11. Damn... that actually looks interesting And Dark Country is sounding interesting as well... even though I usually don't care for thrillers that much Shit... this means there are now are 4 Tom Jane movies I'm looking forward to seeing The Mutant Chronicles (whenever the hell that's actually getting a release) Killshot Dark Country and of course!... Give 'em Hell, Malone oh... and just to be a wise ass... As to some of the earliest posts... Eastwood's characters in both A Fistfull of Dollars and For A Few Dollars More actually had a name. Its Joe in the first one... (th
  12. Sometimes it’s also the actor/actress and what they do with a character that is very important in a movie. I mean can you see anyone besides: Harrison Ford as Rick Deckard… or any of the other character’s he has portrayed for that matter (though funny enough I could see Tom Jane pulling off Deckard, but still its best left alone) Rutger Hauer as Roy Batty… or John Ryder (Bean did a reasonable job but couldn’t get that same level of all over sinister that Hauer achieved)… or even Etienne Navarre Kurt Russell as Snake Plissken Robert Englund as Freddy Kruger Charles Br
  13. After reading this all I can say is: Shit. Now that sounds like the kind of Punisher sequel I was hoping to see. It’s a bloody shame it never happened. I can also respect a person who has the guts to walk away from something they love when he feels it’s getting hosed over. Not an easy choice to make. Granted alot of people are playing it up as you throwing a temper tantrum, but I take comments like that with a grain of salt (about 2 grams shy a lethal dose grain of salt that is). Thanks for giving your views on the direction you were aiming for. I’ve been looking for that f
  14. Just wanted to throw in my two cents here… This is my favorite Punisher film of all the three. Is it perfect? Oh hell no. The pacing could have been better… but I liked the build up anyways The origin though flawed still kept some of the key essence: A man loses his family to those who can avoid repercussions from the law and decides to pursue his own more primal form of justice. The action was just fine even with the absurdity of the Russian fight… I’ve never been able to explain it but it worked for me (I find it both humorous and fitting that the crew called it the ‘Horrific
  15. First off I’m new to these boards… only found out about them when looking up stuff about this movie. My real intro to Jane’s acting was when he portrayed one of my top two favorite Marvel comic characters with the Punisher. I really enjoyed that movie… of all three versions it was the one that came the closest to the character I took away from the comics, and I was really looking forward to that next step. After the… I guess I’ll use the word ‘disappointment’ that the new film was for me I started looking at forum/message boards to see what other people thought. Only a couple weeks
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