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  1. Thommy's got it right on this ! Anyone who has ignored their gut feeling and regretted it (or considers it), needs to read 'Blink' by Malcolm Gladwell. Humans are the only animals who do this self sabotage thing for appearances (We're kookie!). As parents, things get weirder but, more humble. Thomas is right on track and doing fine. He knows what he's doing here ..... good job, press on forward !
  2. Had a Maiden moment after Esco's post ..... Eddie! I love that Bruce Dickinson became a pilot. Aircraft and planes are a thing with me, love to fly, just not commercially. Private planes get away with a lot. Especially if you know the area ATCs in & around. Jack White's newest thing has my attention lately. 'Treat Me Like Your Mother'- Dead Weather: It reminds me of this though ... 'Stompbox'- Overseer: (This was once posted with a combat pilot video. It's still there but, without this audio track on it).
  3. Bang, bang. Tonight, er ... this morning it's Audioslave. Show Me How to Live- (live at Lollapalooza): (Official Video- Vanishing Point): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5JCZ__5EqrI...feature=related Like a Stone- (Official Video):
  4. Something older..... Perfect Strangers- Deep Purple: & Something newer..... Tighten Up- The Black Keys:
  5. Drew's work is truely to be admired. As an illustrator, I was greatly inspired by him. He fascinates me.
  6. Yes, it's true, Thommy's got a quick bit in the film. S.P. book readers will love it but, notice minor deviations. This film was so much fun. It has subtle and ka-pow humor (literally). Highly recommended for S.P. readers, comic book fans, actors, musicians and video gamers. I loved it (& laughed). As for the opinions of the ending... Anyone who has grown up from a complicated love life experience will empathatically understand.
  7. For those of you following along with the books... The character shows up in vol 3, Scott Pilgrim & the Infinite Sadness. Dessert sounds so good right now.
  8. I'll keep an eye open for it (because I might be able to get you a really good deal). Wednesday and Sunday are pretty much the shopping days ... with some exceptions. Since I'll be there early, I will look in the first places it'll most likely be before the flood of people pour in. Seriously, it's like the running of the bulls in slow motion. There won't be much luck once the mob hits the floor. This convention has changed sooooo much over the years.
  9. See you there Mike. I'll be there again. :^]
  10. Like a Rainbow in the Dark ........RIP Holy Diver......... \m/...........................\m/
  11. Oooh, my Pisces senses are tingling ! I'm wearing the shirt you gave me to send more luck your way. Happy happy Birthday to you !
  12. Ordered it awhile ago, watched it the other night ..... ♪♪♪ love ♪♪ ..... The opening successfully pulls you in and holds you there as promised. Malone's Mom is a highlarious mess but, she is an adorable kick in the pants. The mini interview Thomas shares with some heavy equipment off camera is truly a comical show of patience. The stogie seems to be taking the edge off of the stolen scene (Albeit more subtle than the Cohiba ... Is that a Montecristo No.2 ?).
  13. This is my first post .....ever. Tim said that I really should do it and the need for something usefull is a good special occasion for the first time. It's time to put something in the pot ..... and scene. "RAW Store" worked fine, Awesome "RAW-some-Stuff". Personally, I like "Shopping In the RAW".
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