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    I JUST...

    ... came back from TJ's (Trader Joe's). Needed blueberries for the big, beautiful scones I'll be baking (and some for snacking on). Yummy! This video is for you if you've ever shopped here before..... Enjoy!
  2. Pretty soon the San Jose convention will be here... Woo-hoo! WonderCon moved from Oakland to San Francisco about six years ago and now it's gone. The story is that it's because the Moscone Center is doing a partial renovation on the building most often used for the con of wonder, buuut... may actually not be a Bay Area thing anymore after all. You didn't hear it from me though (okay, you just did). The building across the street was used one year. The crowd got so big that the fire dept. had to stop people from going in because the oxygen levels inside became too low in the smaller venue.
  3. May this find you happy & healthy and hope this new year brings more than before... Happy Birthday!
  4. I'm considering this too, but a Director's Cut would really squeak my monkey. The infamous 'moving hand' on the French Blu Ray box is funny though. Watching it en fran├žais would be interesting. It's true, the 3D version is available to download on PS3. We called it up at my house and it was $30. Speaking of the 3D version, Thomas was here last week with the "Czar of Noir" Eddie Muller at the Castro Theater in San Francisco for this: I love this artwork the most.
  5. It took a few reviews to get beyond the familiarity of the house, this & that, but each time something else gets noticed. The painting in storage of Point Sur (by little 'Winston Atherton') is pretty cool. It looks like a mouth from far away. The Maserati emblem isn't a logo after all (It's a cross). All of the alcohol bottle labels are turned, torn or blurred (except for the beer). Those at sea shots were one man's dedication to the 'Method'. Beer and boating (whew) & washing it down with... more beer = rinse and spin cycle (urg). How you've suffered for your art Thomas. The squid cle
  6. Loving the posters! This film is well worth watching again and again & have been because of this distracting crush I've had... on a house. I've been here before. This (also) 40-something house was first spotted on a flyby over the coast and was re-listed a few months ago. So, if any of you out there want to live here, it can be yours too. By the way, the California housing market is kind of like how dog years are to real time for everyone who thinks we're crazy, eccentric fools over here. The price has actually been reduced by 500K... :^] Here's the listing:
  7. Bag of Bones..... Grand Guignol for the television. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fYeU_S1Q2Cg
  8. There are quite a few exaggerated reports popping up that need to be put to bed. They are just short of a roaring Viking storming the catwalk in a maniacal daze & leaving fashion carnage strewn about in a shockingly pearl clutching moment. These shows often begin well past said time leaving people waiting (and they did). Had they waited just two more minutes this subject would not be mooted. It's the overreactions that are truly ridiculous. Despite the lack of a raised stage and some awkward, middle of the runway seating for others, Thomas quickly slinked into his pl
  9. They've really been working him hard at fashion week. As for the Herve Leger thing (much more drama than it deserved). For photography reasons, temporary seat fillers for front row seats are common protocol. Thomas was also at the Fashion's Night Out party wearing some duds by designer John Varvatos & lookin' sharp.
  10. Buster Keaton Stoneface, deadpan... Pshaw ! ! ! ! ! -He wasn't chewing up the scenery with silent film mugging, but had so much expression. Look at that face, it's like yours and mine when a SNAFU brings it's hammer down upon us.-- The slap shoes & pork pie flat hat distracted from the profound depth of thought put into every film he produced, (genius). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oZPbUZxE8FQ
  11. Marcia

    I JUST...

    San Diego Comic-Con, Wednesday July 20th, 2011.
  12. Marcia

    I JUST...

    ..... for kicks & giggles, wondered who made the 'Headshot' poster we have here at Comic-Con. Mike & I talked about it for a moment after the perplexed look on my face faded and turned to a smile. It's actually pretty good and wanted to give you credit.
  13. In my personal opinion (legal disclaimer)..... It's seeming as though it's all being made up as it goes along now. And because of all the flip-flopping, it's already sucking... loudly! All interest is gone and I sure won't be spending money on going out to see 'Shot to the Foot'... er, whatever.
  14. Congratulations! Keep on being the great Dad that you are. Cheers. Peace and happiness to the whole family. May the future grow stronger.
  15. Oh man, that was way more interesting than the Perry Mason repeats I've had on in the background. This shot of sass tickled my brain & unexpectedly pepped up the morning (what weather?). Thanks Mike! Hey, just crawled out of the mud and Ooh ..... I'm an embryo now.
  16. I would but, I don't Twitter. I don't have a Facey-space either.
  17. Any splash pages? This stuff looks fantastic! I've always loved these books.
  18. Happiest of happys! May all your un-birthdays be yummy too ..... The best is yet to come.
  19. Zeppin' ..... Bron-Y-Aur-Stomp. The Rover. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XikK2RJdZ18 Out on the Tiles. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-rp2lnRjNh8
  20. Happy Birthday Big Guy! Cheers!
  21. Marcia

    I JUST...

    ... bought a couple of "raw deals" at the "RAW Store". I'm confused, oh well ... fingers crossed.
  22. One unshakeable favorite tune (that I'll be secretly bikini-dancing to all day) is "Walk Don't Run". My father was a hot-dog surfer born in Santa Cruz, Ca. We'd test the laws of physics with wooden longboards that were nearly too heavy to carry and strap them to the surf-mobile. With my feet on the dash, sand & salt everywhere, the smell of fruity board wax & coconut oil, we'd rev up the Hemi & go flying through the PCH. (Um, what I meant was, 55 mph ... 10 o'clock / 2 o'clock all the way). All these songs have standout memories. Talent lik
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