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  1. Happy Birthday Mike ! Long time, no see... If you're going to the next ComicCon, see you there. I'll swing by before they open to the crowds & say "Howdy-Do". -M.
  2. You know my weakness..... waiting patiently. As for the Wolfie tee thing... they Emailed about it... Sorry to hear that 'Reach Me' funding with Kickstarter has been canceled. It has however, moved to: REACH ME THE MOVIE AT INDIEGOGO | Indiegogo ... yippy-skippy ! It's only for one week though so, go get 'em folks. Jump on it !!!
  3. Marcia

    I JUST...

    Mama knows best
  4. Marcia

    I JUST...

    ..... walked in on my mother watching I Melt With You (she's so cool). I love her.
  5. No kidding ! He'd have Oakley cuts all over the place ! Speaking of... this woman is awesome to the day !
  6. I do. It's an issue easy to get passionately worked up about and difficult to climb down from.
  7. but..... I was raised to be a .45 girl, what do? Anything with a magazine? In looking into this today, everything just got more confusing. Aren't there already background checks done with purchace or is that just in the West? Have gun shows been a loophole somewhere? If so, it's news because it seemed mandantory. We know this isn't going to get solved here (or there), it's taking a predetermined course regardless (of whatever bickering goes on amongst us here). Everything has a glitch though and informing each-other is paramount. I'm learning more about this here. The thing about hous
  8. You're doing fine Joyce. We're all just talking here... thoughts and words. No one is going to like everything everybody says all of the time & that goes both ways.
  9. The world's a stage. We (Americans) aren't as free as we're conditioned to believe we are. The game is fixed before you even show up. So, enjoy the view... you're being taken for a ride. The piece above is well spoken and touches on a gambit of issues that the excuses dance around. To some it could be perceived as talking in circles, but that'll happen either way. The key topic is empowerment and what can be directed. The global economy is being steered into a ditch (intentionally). It's important to rise above ignorance towards the panic and mayhem that will ensue as this shift
  10. Happy New Year ! Yes ! It's here & it's already great. The night's still young and beautiful..... http://youtu.be/hMc8naeeSS8 Warmest wishes to everyone here... Cheers & glad tidings RAWsters.
  11. Happy Birthday Mike ! .45 Woo-hoo, Bang ! :^]
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