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  1. nobody could ever beat that opening, bronson was just beguiling. a demon out of hell dropping three men in a second
  2. not if its at the expense of a movie like the wrestler, or doubt. people are never drawn to the movies they should be watching, they usually need some help figuring out which movies to watch or they'll end up watching a 3D movie (no thanks) instead of a great movie.
  3. give thanks to fox searchlight. i've already seen this 3 times with 3 different people, trying to open the eyes of today's moviewatchers. each one of the three people i saw this with wanted to see my bloody valentine (garbage) instead. they are now dedicated fans of darren aronofsky and mickey rourke and are all convinced rourke takes the oscar next month.
  4. i wouldnt wanna hear anybody try to excuse themselves for this mess. they all took part in it so they are as guilty as the director. nobody had a gun to their heads. it troubles me to think some people might actually buy this movie instead of any of the other two million good movies available on the shelves.
  5. i saw the grey zone in theatres. liked it
  6. agreed. the last thing he did worth seeing was black snake moan. that was years ago.
  7. this looks very much worth the while, as is anything with edward norton. this new hollywood interest in actors portraying twins (nottingham) is really catching my attention. it can be done right. specially with intelligent actors like norton and crowe
  8. my favorite shot from the movie it has oscar written all over it
  9. i had never heard of any of those people until after i saw the movie. recognized the guy from green mile, that's it. everything and everyone sucked big time in this movie.
  10. i dont nor would i ever buy bad movies. buying a bad movie amounts to another bad movie getting made. to justify the purchase with the character you love is actually to harm that character because he was depicted poorly. you want a good punisher movie? then let the studio know by letting this one pick up dust on the shelf when they start selling it.
  11. if i was the weinsteins, i wouldnt release the film yet. first i would wait for two things: the wrestler to exit theatres and mickey to win the oscar. then i could use mickey's oscar win and lack of rourkeness in theatres to pump my new serious rourke movie. i would release it in march
  12. no it isnt. looks... whats the word? poor. this is the movie thomas jane has after the mist??? bummed. killshot, now that looks good (mickey rourke)
  13. why would you want special features to this? better yet, why would you buy this movie???
  14. so what? wolverine hasnt worn his original yellow and blue colors since the first film. creed isn't wearing orange and tan either. this is a serious film and giving the characters colorful 'costumes' would take away all that seriousness in a heartbeat.
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