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  1. Are there any kinds of spoiler tags that I can use here to talk about stuff I know about without you having to see it unless ya want to?
  2. Why didn't I get that? I must have read it too fast. Still think they should have left it in though. What do you guys think of the other changes?
  3. Where did Ozy get the squid anyway? I can't figure that out.
  4. Matt Smith is the 11th Doctor, so after him there are supposed to be 2 more regenerations, supposed to be.
  5. I've just finished reading Watchmen, although I'm gonna have to read it several more times before I fully grasp it. What do people here think about all the confirmed changes?
  6. Uh, I just noticed that there are two threads for the same topic. Mind if I ask why?
  7. I often wonder why Eccleston even bothered to take on the role. I mean, what's the point of taking on such an iconic character if you're gonna leave after just one series out of fear of being "typecast". Well boo-hoo! Didn't he know who the Doctor was? Who's been your favourite and least favourite companions?
  8. Hi, Tim. How are ya? So do ya think if everyone hates him, they'll just regenerate again, or end the show?
  9. Branagh will not be playing Thor. Has it been confirmed yet whether Donald Blake is back in?
  10. How many people here could see LN as FC, if he was about 10-15 years younger?
  11. This thread isn't very popular, is it? I'm glad I'm not a Doctor Who fan.
  12. The Dark Knight for Best Picture at the Oscars!
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