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  1. Thanks guys - looking forward to seeing the guys again!
  2. Well I'm going to be there signing from Sat and Sun so should be able to take a few/hook up with the guys :-)
  3. thanks Sunshine - feels great, tho even better is getting an email or two from TJ or TB... very very cool! :-) Hope to do more for the guys and show off the writing skills as well as the designing ones... :-)
  4. You guys plan on coming over to the UK at any point?
  5. Hey guys - I'll stick this here as a bit of a plug - looking for a publisher (hint hint) www.weareoverrun.com sort of Tron of the Dead... all set inside a computer, art by Paul Green, written by Matt Woodley, and created and written by yours truly!
  6. Ah bless - thanks. Butwin or Andi is fine. :-P
  7. WIth pleasure - TB has already got some of my script samples. :-D
  8. Absolutely love DL - it was bang on the money and really well scripted. TL nailed it and proved who's the Punisher daddy once and for all. DL2 in the pipeline??
  9. Completely! and thanks for the welcome... next on my bucket list is trying to get a writing gig out of the guys (hint hint)...
  10. Hey Guys - thanks for all the Raw Logo love - was over the moon to have been picked by the guys - even more meaningful as I met TJ back in 2009 at Long Beach. Plus I'm a comic creator myself so to be able to make friends such as TB and TJ is completely amazing! Hopefully the start of something beautiful! Best Andi (@butwin on twitter)
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