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  1. I cannot wait for The Mist 2 disc edition to come out! YAY!
  2. nikbait


    Totally, I completely agree. The movie was great in of itself, not to mention tom's role. who cares if he's bulked up. He's great as he is.
  3. Yes, I believe that is the name of it. I think it was someone on here anyways said that they'd found it and purchased it, but I have had no luck. the indie site I was directed to said that they could not ship to the USA due to copyright issues.
  4. I FINALLY got to see the movie! YAY!! OMG Tom was fantastic as ever! i loved every minute of the movie:) WAY TO GO TOM! Love ya! tammy
  5. I know that this was posted here somewheres, but I dont have time to sift thru the board to find out...somebody here's posted about buying a little india film that Tom was in a long time ago, said they got it thru anytamil.com? I went to purchase, WELL, come to find out nearly a month later that apparently the rights to the movie have changed and they can't ship the dang thing out of india. Is there any where that I can find this dvd without going thru India again? I really want this movie.... tammy
  6. Went with hubby yesterday to see the movie, OMG! It was great! Tom was freakin awesome as ever, and handsome as ever:) I did not like the ending, but that's how movies go..if only they'd waited 2 minutes! hehe. Great job Tom! Love ya man! tammy
  7. I just purchased my vcd, hopefully it works.
  8. Dang it, I missed it. Did anyone happen to record it on dvd or vhs?
  9. OMG the pics are wonderful, thank you Jen! He's so freakin fine. Does anyone know where this mag is sold?
  10. I have no clue what that site says!!
  11. Yeah no kidding! I definitely know there aren't any near me! Sounds like I need to find this movie:)
  12. Ohh ok, I never knew about that old movie!
  13. AH HA ok thanks for that info! I was really hoping it didn't get cancelled.
  14. Tom, was just wondering how it was working with Patricia on the one episode of Medium and what happened to the show? Was it just not getting enough of an audience? I miss it. I loved seeing you on that show:)
  15. Do you mean The Indian Runner? I have it, I think I got it off ebay or amazon. You just gotta know where to look.
  16. NIIICCCEE pic Patti! Thanks for sharing. Those pics of Tom at the cons are real sweet. I would soo love to meet him someday.
  17. you're so right Jen:) Its amazing how well the company has taken off, and I'm so proud of Tom for doing that.
  18. Oh yeah that's what I'm talkin about! LOVE seein Tom in roles like this. I am excited for Tom, he's got these new movies coming out!
  19. Oh wow, nice pics thanks for sharing! I CANT WAIT TO SEE THIS MOVIE! Two of my fave things, Tom Jane and Stephen King in one movie!
  20. Wow, that's an early show! Gonna check to see what time its on here:)
  21. Thanks for posting them! Great to see these pics, as I doubt the mag is anywhere near me.
  22. Thank you Jen for finding the site!
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