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  1. I so what this book. Would of loved of gotten it from yah at the Dallas con. Still want it though!!!!
  2. I can’t believe some Ass would say unAmerican????? I know and believe in the 1st amendment. But GOD SOME PEOPLE ARE SO FUCKING DUMB! It’s about a man that take a loss more than most could ever handle and takes the matters in his own hands! I love this movie!!!! One of my top 3 easy! My wish is that Mr. Jane well return as the Punisher in a new movie with his pick of Director and writer. I’m not sure the chances of that happening are. But that would be so damn cool
  3. wooo hooo I cant wait to hopefully get mine! See you in Dallas Mr. Bradstreet!!!!!
  4. YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for letting us know!!!!!!!!! Im going to start work on the car Tonight!!!!! Amelia - well do !!! Well take as many pics as we can. last time i went i was so beside myself with seeing Mr, Jane, I was just lucky my buddy took the few pics we got. Again thanks so much and well be counting the days!
  5. Always sad to hear. Best wishes and Godbless.
  6. I cant wait untill this movie comes out.
  7. I read this and felt so bad for there loss. Just terrabel. Heart gose out to them.
  8. Mr. Jane: Hello sir , its me John. The one you were so kind to sighn the GTO car in Dallas. Do you belive you well be making the Dallas comic Con in January 24-25, 2009? In preperation Im going to work my ass off on the Other Punisher car and that painting from myst for you to sighn hope hope. God bless hope you had a Great Christmas and a Awesome new year! John
  9. I was on here as panzer. But for the life of me couldnt get my pass word or email to work so , reregestered under my buiz name. Well update profile again. Again Huge Freaking Fan of Mr. Jane and Mr. Bradstreet! John
  10. Im a simple guy i say what i think. I do what I say. This movie Rules! I love the damn movie! Here was my post to the guy: First off Douche bag , move out of your moms basment. Second Thomas Jane is th Fing man! I would find it a honor to kick your ass in his name. This is a great movie! If you dont like shut the hell up.
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