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  1. Happy Birthday My Friend , Hope its a Great one!!!!!!!!
  2. Well Dammit its hard to see films we want to . I well do some looking around to see if it might be coming this way. Well for sure see it if I have to wait tell dvd. Thanks for the heads up.
  3. How sad to hear. As you said my Friend Cancer is a mother Fucker. As A child I thought of it as true evil.
  4. Took a while but I got all the Blad Planets and Alien Pig Farm. As my lil head allows going to start reading them all. Got em right side my bed! So excited!
  5. awesome thread my Friend! As a kid of the 80s. Mr. Swayze is the coolest. Outsiders is such a damn fine film. I loved Road House! My favorite of all time was RED DAWN!!!!!!!!!!!! I still to this day love this movie. He such a badd ass to still be working and I wish him only the best. Oh and if you havent catched it the Best is a great show! Again Great thread! I well keep Mr Swayze in my prayers.
  6. Love this series! I loved it when i was a kid rooting for the Cylons! This one is got to be one of my top 10 Favorate shows easy.
  7. BatmanCustoms


    Cant wait going to have to start getting HBO again!
  8. "If so, why not start a petition to get Tom to sign up to "Roadhouse 4" while you're at it! " Oh man you are the Coolest. Road House Rules!
  9. Im going to go see it buddy, along with my friends. I have to! I have so many child hood memorys! I loved the toys the orginal Cartoon! I cant wait.
  10. That is to awesome! I been a huge fan of Mr. Savinis since Dawn of the Dead when I watched it with my brother and I was a wee little guy. I have always wanted to meet him. I got one of his books researching a piece I was working on and I would love to take his courses!
  11. Lol My thought exactly. If written well this could be a great film.
  12. just joined my friend. Cant wait until this comes out!
  13. I loved the last Rambo movie. I got the Knfe from the movie for Christmas! So I for sure well look foward to another. Oh and Tim I would so Freaking love to see another Mad Max film! But he need a Kick ass Car! Loved the first 2 , just not to big on thunder dome. No car lol!
  14. Not rely, it’s a great book and has allot more to it than that.
  15. imdb Has anyone heard that Mr. Jane may play the part as john kelly from the book Without Remorse. I truly hope so. I read this book a while back ago. It was a good book. I belive it could be a Great Movie and Mr. Jane would be just perfect for that role. Do so hope the rumors are true!!!!
  16. I could not disagree more, but that’s just me.
  17. That be awesome , Im such a big fan of hers and she is so Beautiful!
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