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  1. awesome thanks so much! has it been released on us dvd yet?
  2. BatmanCustoms


    yep cant wait to see!
  3. Big time congrats on the new babys!
  4. I loved this film. Of course Im a huge Bale Fan. Also love Terminater! I can still recall watching the first one on the vcr with my friends. Do so hope they make more.
  5. depending on money. I hope to be there
  6. ah crap. Im a hard Core fan of the orginal. I love Alien and Alliens. Just hope if they do it , it wont suck huge ass. Like most of hollywood.
  7. BatmanCustoms


    well got HBO and waiting for the show!!!!
  8. Sounds to cool man! Would of loved to been there!
  9. dammit was stupid pal dvd!!!! Im doomed to never see this!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. BatmanCustoms


    well i well be getting HBO so I can watch more money i dont have lol.
  11. Too damn cool. I need to find money! For the dvd and book!
  12. i havent even looked for it. Some movies must be seen at the theater. This is one of them for sure!
  13. The hell with it!!! I just checked and said only LA and NY showing it. I just got done buying it on Ebay. I been waiting forever to buy it. It supposed to not be pirated and a real in wrap copy? Well haller at yah guys when i get it and watch it.
  14. Freaking Awesome!!!!!!!!!! Man its about time to hear some good news! Please give Tom my best!
  15. oh cool! one of my fav. books when i was a kid.
  16. im hoping its a fun bad ass movie. I like Resvore dogs, pulp Fition, True Romance and The hotel one with Tim Roth. Cant recall name? Oh and Kill Bills were cool i thought. Other than that not to big on the others or some he has produced. So again hoping this one is fun.
  17. Oh man! I would of Loved to seen it with you guys! Damn please parden me while I go and hit myself in the Nuts!
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