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  1. If u havent been able to catch this. Would strongly suggest. Just plan fun to read! TJ Would love another four sir!
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    love the show , just wish was longer. Thats what she said lol
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    Just saw the first one and loved it! Freaking awesome show! Again Mr. Jane has put him self in somthing orginal and so very Entertaining! Cant wait for the second one!!!!
  4. well damn, I did like it and very visualy entertaining. Characters were awesome. Of Course our Friend TJ Kicked ass!!!!! So I well be geting it for sure. As my fellow Raw brother said. Needing some smoothing out. Over all still enjoyed it very much.
  5. holy shit I love this movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Only 20 min in and I love it!!!!! I want to make a gun prop! Well get back when done.
  6. yep , did not buy it. My buddy next flixed it. Boy it sucked Huge ASSSSSSS. I felt guilty even watching it. But felt good getting my buddy to give it a one star. lowest grade u could give. total waste of color film>
  7. ummmmm If this is true and God let it please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I well squill like a little girl and wizz all over myself!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. First off welcome back my friend! missed you not being here. Again I so cant wait to see the new films and Hung Sir! My self just been a working and trying to work on my paintings and cars. Ok for the dick Jokes:! 3 guys go camping in their new tent. After a night's sleep, the guy sleeping on the left of the tent wakes up in a cold sweat and tells the others "I had the most horrible nightmare that somebody was trying to pull my dick off!" The guy sleeping on the right says "Weird! I had the exact same dream!" The guy sleeping in the middle says "I had a dream th
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    Again Cant Wait Mr. Jane! Very Stocked about this!
  10. oh i wanted to ask how do u like water colors? I never have used them and very intrestes. Just been using the acrylics and oils.
  11. Man if u call that simple , you are one badd ass!
  12. I hope this movie is as great as it looks. Very Excited about this one!
  13. Duh!!! Just read amazon link! thanks guys! Well be geting on Blue ray!
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