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  1. Went to my folks to visit them for Halloween. They never saw the Mist and wanted to see something other than Halloween , American Werewolf in London etc. I been telling them about the Mist since I saw it and they knew about the painting Mr. Jane sighed for me. So they said sure. My mom who is a awesome old school horror movie watcher. Pop is so damn picky and an ass I was a little hesitant to show him . Because I didn't want to argue about want a awesome movie it was. Well they both loved it. The ending of course caught them both off guard. They both are in there 60s and was like watching
  2. BatmanCustoms


    again another great show!
  3. yah very neat movie. Defantley worth the 5.00 for a first showing. Some great laughs.
  4. BatmanCustoms


    yah diddnt want to give it away. Man talk about a Bitch!
  5. BatmanCustoms


    Great Show tonight! Just keep getting better. 30 min though. Is not long enough I want em to be a hour long.
  6. BatmanCustoms


    Great show on sun! Funny as hell! Cant belive TJ can do Hung then movies like myst! Truly you rule my man!!! And the boobs in this episoid! WOW WE WOW!
  7. Congrats Fred! I liked the film a bunch. I went with my best bud and nephew. It was a heck allot better than I thought. Sure I wish it was more adult oriented. But overall a great fun film!
  8. BatmanCustoms


    oh man! only 2xl. Man I need at least a 3xl! Im porky dammit!!!
  9. BatmanCustoms


    yep great show! Cant wait until next sun!
  10. BatmanCustoms


    Loved the Show!!!!!!
  11. Welcome do so hope u feel better soon. Lol Im glad Im not the only one. I have three versions of the Punisher on dvd. But also have it on tivio on both tvs
  12. BatmanCustoms


    great show last night! So noce to have somthing to look foward to watch on the tube!!!
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