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  1. Hi All, I haven't been on Raw in absolute ages, and it all seems to have gone a bit quiet on here! I also note that TJ hasn't been on since March of this year. Not sure if he is otherwise occupied or whether no one has been asking questions interesting enough for him to answer. The only other alternative I could think of, was that he might be cheating on us with Facebook or Twitter, but since I have been away for so long, I am totally out of the loop. Do any of you guys know whether the good folk at Raw have started an official FB or Twitter page for him where we can access upda
  2. Hey TJ! How are you? long time no see. Have been watching Hung, really liking it. You also seem to be enjoying it by the looks of it x

  3. Hey Jen! Hope you are well! Haven't been on here for ages....hope all has been well at Raw Studios. How is he?

  4. Yo TJ, It is wonderful to have you back home! I wondered if you'd grown tired of the online posting thing, but realize that you've just been extremely busy. Sounds like you've been working on a lot over the last 6 months - a lot of interesting new projects no doubt that we can't wait to watch! Wish we could go to Comic Con, not because I'm a comic fan, but because I'm a TJ fan, nevertheless am in the UK at the mo and with the schedule I have ahead for the next 3 months, I'm shackled to the crown :-) When are you coming to London again? I'm wondering if you're working on anything
  5. Hi John, thanks for letting us know, I'll check it out now. Do you ever sleep? it must be like like 2am in the morning in Dallas!! anyway glad you enjoyed the Con, wish I was there.
  6. Hey T, glad to see you doing good! Love the group shot from Comic Con over the weekend. Nice to see you back on here as well! When you coming to London?

  7. Love this pic of the guys. Especially pleased to see Tom looking so well! Anyone else have pictures from the Con?
  8. Hi All, The internet seems to be slightly confusing as they have conflicting birthdays for Tom. Some websites say his birthday is the 29th of January 1969 and others say it's the 22nd of February 1969. Does anyone perhaps know what his correct date of birth is?
  9. Thanks Jay! I will make it my business to buy it!
  10. Hi Jen! Thanks for your post. The US residents should thank their lucky stars for living in a country where events like these are hosted and people have the opportunity to meet their favorite stars. I live in the UK and have never had the chance to meet TJ in person. Please keep us posted on any public appearances you're aware of as I would really make the effort to meet him, if he ever came to the UK! For the rest of you guys attending the event; please bring back lots of lovely piccies of the man himself!!! Till Later x
  11. Has this been released in the US? I am in the UK and haven't seen any promo's for it yet. Is it being released in the UK??? Will definately watch it if it comes out here, otherwise I'll have to wait till it comes out on DVD and order it from the US!
  12. They say divorce can be more painful than the death of a loved one; living with the knowledge that they’re out there somewhere; not gone, but not with you. I have become fond of the “Jane Arquette” duo; there is a look and a mutual admiration there that inspires those around them. As fans we always like to think that we know the stars we’ve come to love so much, and during a time like this we can feel their pain and grieve with them. Sometimes when we’re lucky we get a little glimpse of the men and women they truly are through their work. I’ve seen the passionate and gentle sides to
  13. Hey Tom, Really love "Girl in the Woods" especially the part where the kids sing along. I was wondering if we could be expecting more of the same soon? Are you singing this track? I also had a question about Comic-Con; do they have any prospects of coming to the UK soon? Take Care x
  14. Hey Tom, Have you been back to South Africa since you shot Stander? it's really lovely this time of year! Where in SA did you shoot it? sorry bout all the questions
  15. Hey T, Wishing you a Merry X-mas!! x

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