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  1. Thats awesome man!! So lucky you not only got to see it again but visit with the cast and crew. Congrats on that man!! I for one think this will be the film of the year.
  2. Not sure how this one will turn out. I thought the first was decent. Not to sure if the second will be any better. It either A will have its own roots and could be great.. or might just plain out suck. Either way im mad that hes putting T-Rex on hold
  3. Interesting update. I just hope whoever owns the rights wont mess anything up with the release date. I will cry if they do
  4. Wow!! Thats pretty funny. But like someone said above its as if there showing how real your work really looks!!
  5. Whats up guys... my name is Minimejer05 but my friends call me Jer so feel free to. I am a big movie fan.. watch my blu rays like mad!! Also a fan of comics/graphic novels specifically the punisher. Found this site threw a numerous chain of links starting from Michael Wandmacher's punisher score site to myspace..to this forum. Looks like a kick ass place so I think I will stay
  6. I know... its like theres this CERTAIN part..that it just shifts modes..but I cant put my finger on it.. opening scenes.. AWESOME...story building on Castle.. AWESOME...Jigsaw getting formed.. not bad...but sometime between that and him getting LJB... it started to lose its seriousness... I hated that pal of Micros... what a TERRIBLE actor...he had such a stereotypical mexican accent... but you see when the film turned from good to bad.. I just kinda thought..oh well atleast its still a fun cheesy B movie.
  7. That sounds like some pretty good news. I do hope that Salvation is good tho!
  8. This is probably my MOST anticipated movie of 09. I read the graphic novel and I LOVED IT!! Cannot wait for this one. I hope the rumors about the ending arent true or I hope that Zach fixed the ending to go with the novel.
  9. Im VERY excited for this one!! Love the story of the Wolf Man and Del Toro is a pretty good actor. Wont be to bummed about the delay. Thanks for posting.
  10. The Spirit looks interesting. For sure one of those movies thats either AWESOME or TERRIBLE with no in between. From the first trailer it looked pretty good. I will admit I have not read the comics/graphic novels but when I read it was rated PG13 I kinda lost hope. Usually these types of movies HAVE to be R. So I dont know.. I will check it out on Xmas day as I usually see a movie..but im not sure how much I will enjoy it.
  11. I would have to say the 3rd Blade was terrible. If they remake it I hope they go towards Del Toro's direction. I truly enjoyed Blade II much more then the first. It had the moments were it was true horror and you were sitting there and all of a sudden BOOM you jump out of your seat..and it also had the kick ass action mixed with techno like the first one.
  12. Ive seen the new Punisher film about 4 times now. I loved both of the films and both had there pros and cons but I dont know when it comes down to it I like the newer one a little bit more. The story is ok... the acting was decent at best but the hardcore action and the awesome look it had to the film really won me over. I also would have to go with Ray just a tad bit better then Jane. Both brought awesomeness to the character but I would say Ray looked and acted more to the comics then Jane. Not saying I didnt like the 04 version.. showed much more emotion..but I just wasnt a fan of the whole Howard Saint thing.. in bright sunny Florida
  13. Hows it going Tom? I just found this forum off of Tim's Myspace. Just figured I would post around. Really would like to compliment you on your work in Punisher(04) and The Mist. Wasnt a big fan of Dreamcatcher but I did enjoy The Tripper. You were pretty hilarious in that one. Im sure this has been asked before but I was wondering if you have seen the new Punisher War Zone and if so were there things you liked about it? I loved the 04 version when it came out..but after I read some more of the comics and such I kinda grew onto the newer film abit more. I mean the acting was pretty bad but I just LOVED the set and how dark it looked.. and Ray to me fit the look more. Not saying I didnt like your work..you both had your pros and cons.. but I just was a bigger fan of how brutal the punisher is to how emotional he is.. if that makes any sense.
  14. This movie looks amazing! I plan on driving as far as I have to when it comes out to see it.
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