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  1. Thats awesome news. Especially for The Terminator!!
  2. I finally bought the score from Amazon..was listening to is yesterday. Wandmacher did amazing on it!! Favorite track would be #1. Main Titles.
  3. So this isnt even coming out in America now??
  4. This sounds AMAZING..but I keep hearing rumors about a PG13 rating..which would KILL this film.
  5. Sad to see Rourke pass on all of those roles... but im glad he did for Death Proof.. I thought Kurt Russell was AMAZING in that.
  6. I loved the 2005 video game. Was honestly my favorite game to play on the Xbox. I sure hope Punisher Warzone gets some decent blu ray treatment.
  7. Terrible to see a movie bomb like that But kind of funny at the same time.
  8. I loved the Score!! I was going to wait for Michael to put it up on Itunes but I might just cave in and buy it from Amazon. Does anyone know if it will be available in stores?
  9. Thank god I have an Imax in close driving range. I shall be there opening night for AVATAR.
  10. That last poster is awesome!! Hes just kicking ass and taking names!
  11. What the hell... lol. Looks random!
  12. Thanks for the link to the Appaloosa thread kwiat_skye. Imma check it out.
  13. As I said in the other thread I really liked both actors versions of the Punisher. But they also both had things that worked and didnt work. Jane could do the emotions a lot better then Stevenson. But on the flip side I found Stevenson more fitting to the look of the Punisher and more believable in terms of him destroying all of those people. But my hats go off to both of you guys for playing the Punisher!!
  14. That sucks. Oh well I hope its finally coming to the US.
  15. That looks AWESOME!!! Has a very cult-ish feel to it.
  16. The best western I have seen recently would have to be Appaloosa. God that was a good movie. Overall great acting and story.. just was a nice film to catch in theaters.
  17. Wow.. thats sounding pretty convincing for me! I shall see it when it comes out. Hasnt it been delayed like a billion times? I just saw an add running in front of PWZ that this came out Sept 18th 2008 lol.
  18. Interesting interview! Thanks for the link. I am SOO jealous that you get to see this tomorrow.. LUCKY!
  19. Im sure it will almost make its budget back on DVD/Blu. But nowhere near enough for a sequel... so it might get the REBOOT treatment yet AGAIN lol..
  20. I never realized Mickey didnt work for that long...geeze..what did he do?
  21. Thank god we got the same guy playing Myers. Theres nothing more I hate then recasting
  22. So will this be playing at the Imax in 3D? Or just those theaters that offer 3D. Im gonna have to drive a lot if its not at the Imax
  23. Oh we can!! Would be pretty awesome if you ask me.
  24. This looked and sounded awesome until I heard it was rated PG13. These kind of revenge movies never work for me unless you see the violence!
  25. Wow!! Hes still got it in him. More power to him.
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