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  1. Will be buying my copy on blu tomorrow for 26 bucks.
  2. I still think they should cast Ben Foster. He would be PERFECT.
  3. Trailer looks pretty good. Im up for it.
  4. Trailer looks pretty cool. I love most of Tarintinos work so I will have to give this one a shot.
  5. I wouldnt pick up the blu ray until it gets a better transfer. I bought it for like 12 bucks and its TERRIBLE picture quality and the audio is decent with no extras. Maybe when Warzone comes out on blu Lionsgate will try and release the extended cut of the 04 version on blu or something.
  6. I watched both the US cut and the French? cut. I enjoyed the french cut much more... I cant wait for the harder cut in the US.
  7. I laugh how theres like NO new material shown in that trailer..had to use all from the first. That just shows you its gonna suck badly.
  8. Batman dies?? Never was a fan of the newer stuff.
  9. Im so buying this next week on blu ray!! Looks intense.
  10. I watched A Christmas Tale, The Reader, Rachel Getting Married over the past week. All 3 of them were pretty awesome. I found myself liking Rachel Getting Married the most. Excited to see Che this weekend. MN is getting the full roadshow edition.
  11. Was able to catch this on Friday... what a film.. LOVED every bit of it. Probably one of my favorites of the year.
  12. Im guessing we will get a regular 1 disc version of Punisher War Zone and then a 2 disc blu ray/dvd with digital copy. I hope it gets a good transfer...would look kickass in HD! All of the darkish colors and what not.
  13. I hope I can catch this in 3D. Would be sweet... its shaping up to be pretty good based on all the reviews and such.
  14. Man Taken better be awesome.. its been getting hyped like no other on this site...and ive boughten into it.. god i want to see it.
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