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  1. Is very sad to know that when issue #61 comes out next week it will have neither Tim's amazing work on the cover or Garth's writing tying the book together inside. As for the writer of the next six issues he is a hell of a crime writer I have read a few of his books and I think Gregg Hurwitz will do just fine. Same for all of the writers Marvel has chose to do arcs all are very good crime novelists.
  2. Here is one where I meet ya back at the Wizard World Chicago con back in 2005 Aaron
  3. I completely agree man! As for the trailer I thought it was pretty bad ass for a 1 minute preview. Ray looks and sounds great, it looks like it has a lot of action and that they got the origin right...yeah the chandiler bit I didn't care for but it is just a few shots it could work in the over all movie. I don't even have a problem with the colors it is no where near Batman and Robin level...people just feel the need to go overboard when they don't care for something IMO. I had no faith in the film until the trailer....I really enjoyed the 2004 version and Tom Jane was just perfect in it...but he was the only thing that was. This film looks a lot closer to the comics over all. I will always Like Toma Punisher and he is still my Favorite actor I am pretty damn sure I have seen every film he has been in. I am also a 20 year Punisher fan so I am excited for this film. can't wait for a full trailer. Aaron
  4. sorry I hate Disney crap, always have even as a kid. Aaron
  5. Saw it yesterday and thought it was great! Thomas Jane was awesome as always. I really hope the movie can hang in there and make a profit and do well on DVD. I swear I don't get some of the films that make big money lately, you couldn't pay me enough to see Enchanted. Aaron
  6. the pics look great, I am really looking forward to this film TJ is just too damn cool! Aaron
  7. well the stuff you mentioned is right out of the Punisher year one comic series. Almost the whole damn ending of the '04 film was. I have been a Punisher fan for 20 years and I loved the '04 film it had a lot of the comic book elements to it. Sure it should have been set in NY instead of Tampa but that is not a biggie to me. It is sad that a lot of Punisher fans seem only to like the character for the bodycount and not for the character. Aaron
  8. well I do a Punisher costume and used to do a Darth Vader costume for all the conventions I go to. I made Marvel.com with my Punisher costume from this past Wizard World Chicago...is that geeky enough LOL Aaron original link to the pics http://www.marvel.com/news/2.1416
  9. I think Ron Moore is right for ending the series after the fourth season instead of dragging it on and on. Going out on top makes much more sense. The spin off is actually a 2 hour movie that will be out in Nov. It is Battelstar Galactica Razor and is about what happened to the Pegasus once it was separated from the Galactica. Aaron
  10. damn can't it be Nov 21st already! seems I have been waiting forever for this film. Aaron
  11. Love this movie! Tom was great in it, though I have to say the whole cast was pretty damn cool. Aaron
  12. I have to agree with you, each new review of the script I read the more awful the film sounds.
  13. you would be talking about the shit weasel Aaron
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