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  1. Thanks, @Blondielox, @JWeber, & @Noeland, that's nice to hear and very much appreciated. Hmm... I'm not sure of the make of the classic car I used on the second image, actually. A handful of other pieces:
  2. Somehow, and I have no earthly idea how, I've only found out about Raw Comics. But checking out the site over the last few days, it's everythiny I love about comics. I found this because of the recent Nerdist Podcast with Thomas Jane, where my mind was blown with the mentions of EC Comics, Al Feldstien, Bruce Jones and Alien Worlds... comics and creators that have had a massive impact and influence on me. And here's the result of that influence: Thanks for looking, -Robert
  3. I just found out about the relaunched Alien Worlds, is this still happening? I absolutely loved the original, PC/Eclipse run! The gorgeous art from guys like Dave Stevens and Al Williamson was a tremendous influence on me. Are you looking at submissions at all? I would love to be involved in some way. -Robert Hack http://roberthackstudios.com
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