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  1. i still haven't seen a good argument as to why this movie is not kick ass. i'm not buying anything i've seen so far. tom's version is awesome but this is not even trying to follow after jane's punisher. the comics are as violent as you can get, if you see it or not, and that's the punisher.
  2. happy birthday tom, hope you're enjoying it
  3. i can't begin to know the pain their family is feeling. this is a terrible thing for anyone to go through and my thoughts and prayers are with them.
  4. you didn't know what you were getting into or was it just a bad performance? i just got to frustrated with photoshop, had to shut it off
  5. just poured myself a jameson on ice and started watching (a repeat) of Fringe.
  6. just like i enjoyed seeing the housemates and the russian in '04 version, i liked seeing micro and soap. ray did a fantastic job. all the over the top killing seemed alot like what garth ennis was doing and i enjoyed that. by all means, you sure can as for beavis and butthead, i don't think it's from a show, just something i found. if you noticed they're painted up like the insane clown posse and i'm a big fan of the ICP. that's where poopnug-thebloody comes in. i put on the clown suit and presto! poopnug-thebloody
  7. ^^ this is an awesome idea for the next punisher film ^^ i'd love to see ennis take this job
  8. jeesh, everybody doesn't like war zone? i thought it kicked ass! the punisher has gone through so many writers and artists along the way, so why shouldn't the movies do the same. the reason i read the comic is to see frank rack up the body count. we all know what started him off on his mission so you don't need the 20 minutes going over it, a little flashback here and there does the job. just my two cents
  9. hey,n00bie here so i thought i'd stop by and introduce myself name: brett where you from: southern minnesota how did you find this forum: tim's web site occupation: was working in a plastic factory for thirteen years til they shut the plant down this past summer, so now i'm back in school. what are you reading: steady diet of punisher and star wars comics. currently reading "lolita"(again) and next on the list is "a people's history of the united states 1492-present" what are you watching: at the moment "family guy" star wars/the clone wars, fringe and i'm half way through season 2 of six feet under. what are you listening to: alice donut, gwar, children of bodom, evanescence, hanzel und gretyl, ministry what do you have to say for yourself: summers i enjoy coaching little league and the winters are a drag. post a pic...if you dare: here ya' go, me and my son this summer. see you around.
  10. i've seen transporter 3 and it didn't disappoint. just as good if not better than the first two. statham kicked ass, natalya rudakova is pretty easy on the eyes and her accent is super sexy.
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