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  1. So... this... just became this... ...and I'm looking for a few more ideas from you guys. I've got a few ideas planned, but would love to hear some input from others. If anyone could shed some light on how the metal shutters were installed on the film's Pontiac, I'd love to know! Concepts: All suggestions welcome
  2. - Not a valid motive - Emotional response - Not vengeance - Punishment
  3. I'm joining the list of Jealous people! #WantNuPunisherTshirt In other news... I've just made myself a new Facebook "Timeline" cover and thought I'd share for others to use, if they so wish...
  4. Ok, I'm still having issues trying to e-mail this directly, so I'm going to post up the stuff here. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I read Tom's topic about wanting a webmaster to spruce things up and thought I'd offer my help. I can't help with website creation, etc, but I've noticed this forum is an Invision board and I worked on something similar last year. Basically... I helped out a website (running the same software) to make their site a bit more "sparkly" and I'm offering some of my graphical wares for this site. Invision has a number of addons and features that allow the things I'm about to show you. Medals module: Profile userbars (similar to the medals, but easier to achieve for the basic members): All of this giving an end reult, which looks something like this: (The below is just an example and isn't intended to be true and accurate) Basically, the idea is to make things look a bit brighter, but also to make members feel as though they are appreciated. It also gives people incentive to stick with the forum and continue making contributions. If you like it, let me know - if not, then fair enough
  5. ...or, is Jane's Punisher going through a faze like Stevenson's Punisher? In Warzone, we saw Frank kill an undercover officer and because of that he continually questions himself. With #DirtyLaundry, I saw it as Frank questioning himself... do I intervene? Is it my place? Maybe people are right and I shouldn't be doing what I do? 6 months sober... are we just talking about the drinking? To me it looks as though Frank has stopped "punishing" and this incident was the spark to re-ignite the flame (literally... some bloke got set the fuck on fire!)
  6. Ah right ok, at least it's not just me then. Quite a bit of text + 1 attachment. If attachments are the issue, I'll upload it elsewhere and just send the link
  7. Just tried to send an e-mail and got this:
  8. Awesome! Out of interest, does anyone know how many bottles were used? I'm interested to see if one bottle survived the whole thing
  9. Saw this yesterday and it made my year. Not only was it a great watch, but it was great to see just how many people are craving a new Punisher film. Well done to everyone involved
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