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  1. In the 2000s, there have been plenty of succesful revenge/vigilante/anti-hero themed thrillers in movies and TV: -LAW ABDING CITIZEN -THE BRAVE ONE -MAN ON FIRE -BOONDOCK SAINTS 2 (limited release and did very well) -Most of the 24 TV series has JACK going off and murdering/torturing bad guys -DEXTER -To a certain extent PERSON OF INTEREST and BURN NOTICE feature vigilantes -and, yes, KILL BILL and INGLORIOUS BASTERDS (the Shoshanna plot is revenge on the Nazis) -to a certain extent GRAN TORINO has a vigilante sub-text... -despite it being a satire, I am tempted to add MACHETE -and another adaptation of violent comic book material: SIN CITY (Marv is out for some serious payback) Some have had AT LEAST critical acclaim if not box office glory: -HARRY BROWN -THE HORSEMAN -the Korean movies I SAW THE DEVIL and OLDBOY (and others I might have never heard of!) Maybe Marvel is no longer willing to invest in R-Rated anti-heroes, but to say that the idea of a brutal vigilante movie won't work or won't be succesful...I disagree. It's not for everyone, but it can find its audience and can even be well reviewed if it's compelling enough and not just mindless gore. And as for hyperviolent characters in general, if RAMBO can make a comeback, why not FRANK CASTLE? JOE CARNAHAN was interested in a DEATH WISH remake...Anything is possible...
  2. Thank you for the response, Mr Jane. Again, should you ever make a Punisher full length movie with Mr Joanou-STATE OF GRACE was brillant-or any sort of vigilante/crime/revenge thriller in this style, I will support it. Reagrds, BLACKSTONE
  3. Mr Jane, First of all, though I did not care for the 2004 PUNISHER movie (or WAR ZONE for that matter), you were excellent in it. I absolutely mean that. Congratulations for the quality of DIRTY LAUNDRY (2 000 000 views, bravo!). Thank you for your love and commitment to THE PUNISHER. I can only DREAM of what a WALTER HILL Punisher movie could have been like. Phil Joanou is a very interesting choice as well. I am, however, one of those who do not agree with the version of "THE PUNISHER" presented in DIRTY LAUNDRY. The violence and ugliness, yes, they fit in THE PUNISHER's world. The fight itself was beautiful to see, The apathy, however, displayed by CASTLE in the short goes against almost every version of the character I have read in the past 20 years. And the versions that did show PUNISHER in such a light (someone who kills innocents or lets it happen deliberately), I didn't care for. Punisher may not be a hero, but he wouldn't stand and watch a woman and child be harmed and delay reaction. Especially not after having lost his wife and children. That is only an opinion. I do wish you continued success. If you and Mr Joanou do a full length PUNISHER movie-or something along those lines-I will see it and pay for it with pleasure. Regards, BLACKSTONE
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