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  1. doh...you are right. bad memory on my part. he did an awful take on daredevil.
  2. have no prob with frank being black. better than the treatment kevin smith gave him...being an avenging angel. in the new film, the first guy frank must kill is that fat fuck
  3. bendis wrote a book on his experiences in hollywood. would make a great horror film. and no, they dont have a very good sense of humor about themselves. still trying to figure out how swimming with sharks and the player, got made
  4. pretty much what they did to the human target. fox hates the genre...they even went out of their way to kill the tick.
  5. wasnt it going to fox? wouldnt work on network tv and i saw what they did with human target. jeh had the best character in that show, and they marginalized him.
  6. name branding. plenty of writers coming up with stuff that remains unproduced
  7. true. but lots more have forgotten how to "make" good movies, or have been stopped from doing so. this is why your short has gone viral. ive read through the comments on youtube. this is the type of film people want. something that is true and thought provoking. what they get is reboots and pablum
  8. that's hella cool. and the vid is getting about 500k hits per day and not slowing. but honestly, i would prefer to see frank on the small screen. seems that netwoks like hbo and showtime, give their talent more room to do what they want to do. ive noticed more writers are opting out of film to go back to tv for this very reason.
  9. the video version of what king did with green mile
  10. am i wrong, or do you become todd parker during all these interviews? every time you geek out on muscle cars or artists, you sound just like that character did at the party scene.
  11. even if there is never another punisher, can we get a project with tom, ron and that kid in it?
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