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  1. There is some awesome work here!!! Would any of you be interested in doing a character sketch? I'm putting together a new project for a comic book/graphic novel. But I need to find a different artist since the artist I've been working with is super busy right now. I'll post more about this project soon!
  2. I was happy to see him do that. Ever since his tirade on the sound guy, I always thought he might be a dick. But this provided me wrong. That is pretty awesome he went out there.
  3. This is pretty good too! Sounds Euro-ish (if that is even a word) When I heard this it reminded me of this DnB song: Mr. Oizo-Flat Beat: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jmjdvsA8RFM&feature=fvwrel
  4. Sleep Maps is pretty damn rocking! I am enjoying this. Glad I found this thread. I'm going to check out everyone's post above. I've been on a Jack White kick recently but I'm always looking for new music.
  5. Awesome stuff!!! I would love to have that in my collection! Damn I'm jealous...haha
  6. I really enjoyed it! I will admit I'm a Nolan fan. I compare these films all to the original Star Wars. Many people loved Empire or in this case TDK, but I enjoyed Return of the Jedi and TDKR a lot. Yes it had it's flaws, but there is always top notch acting in these films. I loved JGL and Anne Hathaway. She played a really good Catwoman. I always liked the version were she is more just a thief than anything. Overall it was a good film. I am thinking about seeing it again before it leaves the theaters.
  7. Damn you dream become a reality! ha T.Jane stars as Cal McDonald! That would be a great day. I am interested in the western he is putting together. Can't wait to see what that will look like.
  8. I did a write up for ComicBooked.com about #Dirtylaundry and I included a tidbit about the Kickstarter. I hope you guys can get to that goal!
  9. I would love to see Thomas Jane as Cal McDonald!!!! This is another movie that needs to happen. Last I talked to Steve Niles he said a movie of Cal might be in the works. I can only see T. Jane as Cal. Crosses fingers that is his next film.... (a guy can dream right?!)
  10. He is pretty good. I just listen to a few things from him off Youtube. He is in that same vein and you can feel his music just like this Rusty Blades. I would love to hear a full Rusty Blades album and HE WOULD SOUND AWESOME on a NEW PUNISHER FILM SOUNDTRACK STARRING T.JANE!. Just saying.
  11. I'm new here, but I love to check out people's artwork. Very good stuff. I really liked the black and white versions of Spider-Man and The Punisher. Just keep at it!
  12. I just registered as well to say AWESOME JOB! I really hope someone at Marvel Studios see's this. Thomas Jane needs to be Frank Castle once again. Very cool short. I loved every minute of it. I tweeted this out to some peeps at Marvel..hopefully this gets noticed and goes viral.
  13. I just bought this EP off of iTunes. Rusty Blades is very good. Very cool style. You can feel the heart of each song from the lyrics to each riff of the guitar. I just found out about Rusty Blades from Raw Studios website while working up my article about The Punisher short that aired at SDCC. I'm going to check out Soda Gardocki now too since lochtess said it is in the same vein. Good stuff.
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