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  1. Nobody has said anything in this thread for this long? Dayum. Well, heres my Fanime/Airsofting kit -
  2. I wanted to use the Dirty Laundry Skull. It felt right. Its the same one I have sprayed on my airsoft vest I go to my airsoft games.
  3. So this last semester I took a 3d modeling class. This is my final project: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Akur84qJw7I It's only 6 seconds or so long, but the teacher liked it. It's a Punisher animation!
  4. After the Iron Man: Rise of Technovore flick, rumor is they are making an animated Punisher film, co-starring Black Widow. I'm all kinds of stoked for this.
  5. Hey there, topic title says it all. I just recently left the Army, and even though I left behind a whoooooooooole lot of bullshit back with 'ol 1st Cav, I miss the times when I got to go out and blow some shit up, and run our simulations. Anyway, recently got back into airsoft to get my mil-sim goodness in, and was wondering if anyone else took interest in the hobby? Will post pics of my equipment as soon as I am able (Hint - it's Punisher inspired). How bout yours?
  6. I'd actually like to see him in a continuity marvel film. Ruckas Punisher comics keep him grounded in reality, yet they occaisionally bring in other heroes, and it works well. Punisher: Warzone by Rucka already has me hooked, and it's Frank vs the Avengers.
  7. It's a good thing they made this film for almost nothing. As far as I know at least, it's budget was quite slim.
  8. I saw the film opening night. It was *FANTASTIC* It was a little dry at times, and I would really have enjoyed seeing more of Dredd work in MC1, along with more of the inner workings of the Hall of Justice, but his current mission inside Peach Trees was great. Urban plays a awesome Dredd and I would love seeing another one.
  9. Finally, glad to see someone cosplay Chechetto's Frank. Looks great sir.
  10. I'm a huge Metal Gear nut. Snake's original appearance back on the MSX was based off of Michael Beihn in The Terminator. Cover art for the original Metal Gear is obviously inspired. Got a pic of it here - http://media.giantbomb.com/uploads/0/5993/540356-parecidos_razonables_solid_snake_terminator_super.jpg I always wanted to see how Biehn would have treated Castle in a Punisher movie. I think he'd make a great pre-ultimates Fury though. New Punisher flick where they teamed up? Fury and Frank? Total mark-out moment in the theatre. As for Frank looking like Snake, as drawn by Chechetto - I absolutely love the artstyle. Being the fan I am of Snake and Castle, I seriously cannot get enough of it.
  11. Tom's reaction while playing Mario Bros... lol. And no matter what, I can't bring myself to not hate Morgan Webb. Ugh.
  12. Like I said. Marvel has the rights back, and want to give Frank another go. Now's the time to get hot on their heels about it.
  13. I think the star of one of their films and one of the greatest cover artists of all time could talk them into it
  14. Best scene is the first fight between Bane and Batman in the sewers. Batman got his shit *wrecked* and it was glorious. Don't get me wrong, I like Batman a lot, but I'm tired of seeing him win so easily all the time. It was good to see him taste defeat.
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