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  1. You are right, the hopeful ending is my own. I suppose if it wasn't so dark I wouldn't look for that tiny ray of hope. I knew he couldn't survive once he killed his friend, I just wished they all weren't so fucked up!


    Doesn't it say something about the film that you look for that though? That you invested an iota of emotion that you truly, from the outside, almost wanted to shake them, to tell them to straighten up and fly right? That you wanted them to be less fucked up? It's almost heartbreaking watching the demise of people and having that feeling of not being able to do anything about it. I think it's that investment that lets you walk away from the film with the "make your own destiny better" mentality. That they were SO fucked up that it almost has an adverse effect on the viewer.


    Hitchcock had said that he created movies about murder as a way to get it out of one's system. You watch so you don't have to do. I'm not likening this film to anything in the Hitchcock catalog, obviously, but that feeling of adverse effect for the viewer is certainly present.

  2. a full bottle of Jack will crush a human skull. do not try this at home.


    Would be interesting to see that come up on Deadliest Warrior.


    like slipping in to an old girlfriend. easy and hard at the same time.


    Where's that mop? Christ, TJ - Spank Bank'd.


    It's great seeing so many new people register just to post on this thread. That says a lot for The Punisher franchise just as much as the quality of the short. To have no budget, to go into this wanting to produce something that holds to Frank Castle's evolution that fans would be able to latch on to is an undertaking to say the least. This absolutely hit the mark. I cannot imagine you all are anything less than pleased.


    Is this something we should expect is just to whet our appetites? Do you think this is something you will likely keep doing when you have time? Continuing to create these shorts, perhaps as a series?

  3. The backbone of Raw Studios is without a doubt, Timmy B. we'll be at our at our usual spot, booth 5539 - so come on down and say HI! how many of you are going? we'll be sure to have FREE SHIT for anyone who identifies themselves by their RAW FORUM handle.


    Sorry I missed out on seeing you guys this weekend. I usually work SDCC (at Shannon Wheeler's booth) but Shannon opted not to have a table this year.


    Hope you guys will be back again next year (I will be)! I spent all weekend drinking and working on a chicken coop and lamenting not being in San Diego.

  4. I'm talking to some vinyl companies to put out a limited release vinyl record...


    and we'll see how it goes. don't know if we'll ever do another record, but

    i'm real proud to present Rusty's stuff.


    love to hear what you think!


    Would love to hear it on a good vinyl press but it's very cool stuff.


    Feel like I'm hearing a singing saw during "Building the Wall" - am I right? If you're helping push this guy... Muddy Roots Fest might be a good fit for him.


    Someone else you should check out in the same vein is Soda Gardocki, if you haven't heard him already. Similar vein vocally. He's pretty much the reason they started the Muddy Roots Fest from what I gather. Hellova nice guy to boot.

  5. I was there. There was a mob around that table on Sunday. If he threw a movie at someone, it was because they were out of immediate reach and he was likely trying to just make sure they got their stuff. If the broad couldn't catch and hit her, it's more likely that her husband just saw that part. I can totally see that happening. Girls who attend comic conventions are not usually known for their athletic ability.

  6. Very dark, too dark. Acting was great, wished there was some hope in the ending.


    Hope is great, happy endings are cute, but it would have cheated the audience. After all that the character went through, to be the last man standing... there's no way he could just go back to living any kind of life outside of prison...


    The guilt of having to deal with the deaths of his friends, of being a party to it would have been a miserable way to live in any case.


    The point was see it as too dark. To face your own life and the differences in your own dreams v. the way your life turned out. To know that that the unwritten hopeful ending is really your own.

  7. I'll be posting some more art here over the coming weeks.

    For now we're really looking forward to Comicon. Greg Staples himself will be at our booth signing copies of this Special Black and White Edition along with Tom and myself.


    The CHERRY will be the release of Dark Country GN in HARDCOVER.

    SDCC will be the place to be.

    - TB


    Isn't SDCC ALWAYS the place to be?

  8. Or sepia toned. Dillon's work is pretty gritty and un-glamorous, it could use colouring to compliment it.


    I agree with this 100%... but I happen to gravitate toward midcentury gloss (almost advert style comics) or gritty. Give me some depth in any case. Even if it's just purely stylistically, I need to be able to be sucked in. This is why Tim's work rocks. Texture, depth.


    But yeah, still no Deadwood film/s, no Rome film, and no Hung. Just some very good shows that deserved better.

    I don't hate HBO, but I do have a sour taste in my mouth. The business of television it may be . . . that doesn't mean I/we have to like it ;)


    - tb


    At least we got a Firefly film. So Fox can totally suck it. I'm still totally ashamed that poor Joss had to keep doing Buffy. Ugh. I don't care what anyone says, Buffy and Angel were a sham.


    But I would love to see Timothy Olyphant reprise his Deadwood character. I think we were forced to swallow the remake of True Grit in consolation. Mind you, I think Jeff Bridges was a fabulous Rooster Cogburn. Matt Damon doesn't wow me.


    Hung and Bored to Death were pretty much the only reasons I hung on to cable as long as I did. I think Tom was saving my marriage for a while there.

  10. If you still haven't seen this, it's on Netflix streaming.


    I think that the theme of this really kinda hits home for anyone who has ever felt like their life isn't where they expected it to be at a certain age. Or that even when it felt like it was okay, something comes along to make you remember all the grand dreams you had for yourself, and how real life got in the way.


    The extremes that they take, and how they are forced to cover it up and fall like dominos until it winds up on TJ's shoulders... the one that really could have pulled up had he not been pushed to deal with the pact. It's heartbreaking. But I'm a girl, I tend to grasp the emotional aspect of a theme. I fully admit that as a major flaw.

  11. the independent theater that runs 35mm prints of old movies is DYING, folks. it's tragic, but all the Studios have announced that they will be closing down 35MM distribution, and the first to go are the prints of classic films. the depots where these theaters are getting there films are already closing. it's getting harder and harder for these theaters to get prints to show. so man, if you see a great film playing at your local independent - GO SEE IT. you may never get another chance.


    Our independent theatre has showings of disks. I kid you not, they show the menu on the screen. I used to go watch when they would have Hitchcock showings. I miss that.


    What I wouldn't give to have been there to see Dark Country at the Castro.

  12. I'd love to see it grayscaled or toned. I always thought the colouring on his work left something to be desired.

    I concur. It seemed gradient-heavy instead of feeling like it was loved and given depth. There's something about those black and whites that seems to hold a good line there.
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