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  1. That was a fun weekend. Thanks for the bed to pass out on Saturday, Tim. I definitely needed it. Good times. Nick
  2. Jimmy can dance. Jimmy has plans for World Peace. Jimmy can beat up Chuck Norris. Jimmy is also a good kisser. Nick
  3. That morgue shot is fucking brilliant. Bravo! Back to Bob- I LOVE this footage of him working in his studio- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1_66YEbVtaA What a talent. Nick
  4. Should be a good time! See ya'll there! Nick
  5. Punisher MAX and the Mad MAX shotgun. A coincidence I think NOT! Nick
  6. You betcha, flyboy. Nick ps- Holy shit. I just noticed the "Scorpion in Resin" belt buckle. I always wanted one of those ever since I was a wee lad. It fits nicely with the Indian head belt buckle they used for the movie. That Wolvy is a classy dresser. Nick
  7. I really dig Count of Monte Cristo (guilty pleasure? I think that movie is underated)), John Milius' Conan the Barbarian(you took my fatha's Sword!) and Point Blank (which kind of a non-revenge Revenge Flick in a strange way). Nick
  8. Great movie! Really hit on what I love about the potential of science fiction storytelling. You get the big ideas mixed in with the small personal moments nicely. My only gripe is towards the end when the director is trying to not show the villain/monster while building up a "mind fuck" intensity, he goes a little too "Tony Scott" for me. Pulled me out of the moment rather than amping it up. Nick
  9. That's right! I totally forgot that Byrne put him in a B3 jacket. And here I was thinking you were super clever and stuff. Shoulda known better... Nick
  10. Back atcha' Tim. The Dallas show should be fun times. Yeah the Midget is the main antagonist in the big Sci-Fi Noir project I'm working called 'Stranger'. He's gonna be a real bastard of a villain. Just you wait! Nick
  11. Can't a a guy just sneak around quietly in the shadows of the internet any more these days? Sheesh... Thanks for the warm welcome. Holy shit Noeland, never thought I'd see you in a place like this. I'm not sure I want to part of a group that has you (or myself) as a member. Here's some newer stuff I've been churning out for various secret (and not so secret) projects and projects never to be. I tend to update my Flickr Page mroe than my website- http://www.flickr.com/photos/nickderington/ I'll post some more cool stuff shortly. Nick
  12. The bomber jacket is an inspired choice! Is it in the story or something you came up with? Nick
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