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  1. Aw man, he already never returns my phone calls, now he's going to be IMPOSSIBLE to catch up with. Seriously though, it's a well-deserved nomination, and hopefully will translate to a well-deserved win. I posted the nominees today at Bigfanboy.com and was super-stoked when I read TJ's name in there. In fact HUNG got a couple of nominations. Glad folks are taking notice. Congrats Tommy Boy!
  2. Not to worry Brian, Harben posed us for that shot. My standard photo stance in still intact. Give our love to Rena as well!
  3. A black and white variation of the group shot Joe posted under Tim's forum... Sunday afternoon at the Dallas Comic Con 12. Scott Harben took this picture on Tom Jane's new camera. It may just be a memorable shot for those involved, but I've already been told by many this is one of those photos that has the makings of a classic reference image to be seen for many years to come. One day, 10 or 20 years in the future, this could absolutely show up in a comic book-based publication... From left to right: Howard Chaykin, Thomas Jane, Todd Farmer, Tim Bradstreet, Bernie Wrightson, Jim Daly, William Stout, Joe Jusko, and Mark Walters It was Tom's idea to take this shot. Good idea TJ. All the best,
  4. That is actually taken from a Bradstreet poster illustration, which was done for THE LURKERS. Not sure what's going on with the film, but the poster rocks. I used it because it's got Tom, and it's Timmy's art. Two great tastes that taste great together... ewwwww.
  5. Man oh man Tom, just before the movie first came out, I had posted several times on those boards arguing with people about the ending. There was this one guy (who goes by the name "karcreat") who was unrelenting. He kept going on and on about how awful the ending was, and how they should have used the book ending instead. I argued (as it should be argued) that the movie ending is what truly makes it a "horror" movie. It's what sets that film apart from all other films like it. It is the PERFECT way to end that film. THE MIST has always been my favorite King story. I remember talking to Frank years ago when he was trying to get it going, and telling him how excited I was that he was the one doing it. I never lost my enthusiasm. I loved the movie, everything about it. I insisted on those boards that there was no other way this could have ended properly. But this guy wasn't having it. He insisted it was wrong, that it destroyed the film, that it ruined the credibility of everyone involved, that it was an insult to the audience. Want to know the best part? I eventually figured out that despite all of his arguing, HE HAD NOT EVEN SEEN THE FILM YET. And that was where I decided posting on IMDB was futile. Those people are idiots. Rather than discuss your career seriously they prefer to make an all too commonly used Homeless Dad jokes. Listening to these guys is like taking dictation from a coked up parrot. Ignore them - their thoughts are not worth the time it takes to read them. Just from my own perspective, despite knowing you pretty well, I sat in the theater for a private press screening, and in those last few moments... I was crying. I forgot I knew you at all. I forgot I was watching Tom Jane on the screen. Instead I was watching David Drayton, shattered by what he had done, barely hanging on to his own sanity. It was heartbreaking, it was really quite incredible, and it may just be the most impressive thing I've ever seen you do. Bradstreet and I have discussed how these days people laugh at things in movies that aren't funny. They no longer take serious what truly is serious. Personally I think it's a defense mechanism, that they are so afraid of their own emotions, they choose to laugh at something uncomfortable. It's a sad statement of society. Oh, and good ol' Karcreat has apparently made his own "novella cut" of THE MIST which he's offering on his website. I really wish there was some way for lawsuits to descend on him. He'd probably argue in court that the judgment against him wasn't the right way for things to end. Moron. Kisses,
  6. Figured some of the guys on here might be interested in this... Bigfanboy.com is giving away five full-size theatrical posters for PUNISHER: WAR ZONE, signed by Ray Stevenson. This promotion is an effort to get a few more folks into theaters this weekend to check out the film. To enter fans just need to send in a ticket stub from the first two weeks of the movie's run. Entries must be received by December 17, and the contest is only open to residents of the United States. Good odds on winning! Show your support of Frank Castle this weekend at the box office, and you just might walk away with one of these beauties! All of the info can be found over at BIGFANBOY.com While at the site, check out my review for PUNISHER: WAR ZONE, and give a listen to last week's podcast featuring Timmy!
  7. Hello everyone. Can't believe it's taken me this long to get my butt over here. Some of you may already know me. I run a website called Bigfanboy.com, and I also run the Dallas Comic Con and Sci-Fi Expo. Outside of that I work for Heritage Comic Auctions, where I catalog old comic books, and serve as an expert on Modern Age original art (only because none of the other guys in the office know diddly about Modern Age original art). I'm buddies with Tom, the magnificent Todd Farmer, the diligent Steve Niles, and longtime friends with that sweetheart Timmy B. I've watched RAW since its birth, and sincerely love what these guys are producing. Like Timbo, I have a sincere love of movie scores, and we frequently turn each other on to something new in that department... sometimes we just turn each other on. Every Thursday night I host a podcast called the Bigfanboy Livecast, which Tim, Todd, Tom, and Niles have been repeat guests on. I'm going to try and pop my head in here as frequently as possible to spread some cheer or sap some knowledge. Looking forward to the witty banter.
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