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  1. silentsamuri


    Just saw the trailer!!! It looks so funny. I'm going to keep an eye out for sure. "Hey Sugga. Donnie's here."
  2. Did anyone here about the remake of the Highlander movie? I was looking at Christopher Lambert pics and Thomas Jane looks a lot like him! My question is Tom would you consider the lead role as Connor Macleod?
  3. I was in Blockbuster today and they played the preview for the film! Im so excited about MC finally coming out! Now I see the previews every where. It seems like it should be a big time movie. I wonder why they are only playing it at certain theaters? Also would anyone know when the DVD might be released?
  4. Looks like they are getting ready to release the film! Im so jazzed about seeing it when it comes out on vid. Would anyone know when that might be?
  5. Lol, i read something about them hosting a party. Thats great news! They are a good couple. Have fun Mr. Jane and Mrs. Arquette!
  6. Lol, that banner was so cool. Was that 4 Give Them Hell Malone? I know how u feel Amelia, I live in the US of A and there's no way i'll be able 2 go. Hope u guy's have a good time, and take some good pics of TJ.
  7. sry, i meant look on the bright side. goofy mistake.
  8. that was wonderful amelia. i was trying to think of what to say, but that was perfect. I'll just say, Look on the bright Mr. Jane.
  9. Hola, Thomas. I had one more q. -Was it any fun acting along side Sean Pertwee in Mutant Cronicles? oh, by the way you mentioned you like crime dramas and if you want to check out a good crime movie i just saw PULP FICTION and i think that movie would be right up your alley. Chances are you probably already have seen it. Thats it.
  10. Just thought i'd say that i really liked the way you portrayed Frank Castle. I couldnt really bring myself to watch the new Punisher though.
  11. Wow Im just happy to hear a realistic release date! IMDB really needs 2 update that because i kept looking for any sign of a release, but nothin. Will that date change? Sooner the better.
  12. Hola, Mr. Jane i have a few Q's. By the way sorry if someone else has asked these q's already... 1.What catches ur attention on films? 2.When, exactly is The Mutant Cronicles comeing out? 3.Is it on DVD right away or will it be in theaters first? Just asking because IMDB is kinda vague on that. Hope 2 hear from u. thanx.
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