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  1. Okay, we can end the Seth Rogen stuff because it's not true. I'm sorry I posted it, but I was in such shock. In my defense, I originally posted that I thought it was some sort of hoax. I found the original article from April 1st. The Hollywood Reporter apparently ran with it and that's what Jordan saw. I'm not a religious man, but thank God! I've wanted to see a WW2 Cap movie since I was a kid. Hopefully it won't be ruined by bad casting.
  2. Joe, just imagine how fun it would be to paint Seth Rogen as Cap! Or would you rather blow your brains out? I love Seth Rogen by the way, ever since FREAKS AND GEEKS, but this has to be a hoax. They can't ruin the Cap movie!
  3. I just received this in an email from Jordan Raskin. At first, I was sure it had to be some April's fools prank, but Jordan said this was in the Hollywood Reporter today. Can this be possible? I don't buy it. Seth Rogen Will Play Steve Rogers in Captain America Film In a recent interview with Marvel Studios chairman David Maisel, it was revealed that Seth Rogen (Pineapple Express, Observe and Report) would be playing the role of Steve Rogers, the Army reject who is turned into the "Star-Spangled Avenger" through the ingestion of a "Super Soldier Serum," in the upcoming live
  4. Two weeks until the Dolph Lundgren "I Must Break You" all day movie marathon at the New Beverly Cinema, where they will be showing the Director's Cut of the 1989 THE PUNISHER, followed by a Q & A with Director Mark Goldblatt. Who's in?
  5. Congrats, Joe! I ordered my copy months ago and can't wait to get it.
  6. If I remember correctly, Stallone wanted to use footage of Carl Weathers in ROCKY BALBOA and Carl wanted a ton of money for it, which Stallone wasn't too happy about. I doubt he'll work with him again.
  7. Bruce Campbell did a Q & A for MY NAME IS BRUCE in L.A. last December and said he didn't know what he would be playing in SPIDER-MAN 4. He said he didn't want to play Mysterio because he didn't want to have a fishbowl on his head for the whole movie.
  8. So Marvel and DC gave permission, but put a limit on how much you could use? Or was the 10 pound weight of the book the limitation? You know, you better be careful, this massive thing could be used as a weapon and you could be charged as an accessory.
  9. I assume they are in addition to the previous cast that you announced. Andrew, you have a wet dream of character actors in this project!
  10. My copy finally came in the mail today. It's such a gorgeous book. Now the pressure is on, Tim, you have to come up with something to write in it that tops what you wrote in my MAXIMUM BLACK hardcover. Sharpen the claws, sir, 'cause this is a tall order!
  11. It doesn't say that it won't be Max, does it? Just that it won't be Mel. Not that I'm excited about that. In the meantime, I will cling to MAD MAXATHON at the New Beverly Cinema in two weeks! I've never seen any of them on the big screen before.
  12. If you live in L.A., the New Beverly Cinema shows some awesome stuff for us fanboys. On April 18th, it's the All Day Dolph Lundgren Film Fest: 400PM RED SCORPION (1989) 600PM UNIVERSAL SOLDIER (1992) 800PM ROCKY IV (1985) 1000PM THE PUNISHER (1989) 1200AM I COME IN PEACE (1990) Apparently, this is the first L.A. theatrical screening of the 1989 Punisher, and Director Mark Goldblatt will be there for a Q & A. I have to admit, I saw both RED SCORPION and I COME IN PEACE on the big screen when they were released. Nostalgia just might get the best of me
  13. MAD MAXATHON. March 20th & 21st. 8pm. New Beverly Cinema in Los Angeles. $10. If you live in L.A., you can't miss this!
  14. Just got home from a packed house at the New Beverly Cinema for a midnight screening of ROAD HOUSE! And they followed the flick with a string of Swayze trailers including SKATETOWN, USA, RED DAWN, GRANDVIEW, USA, DIRTY DANCING, NEXT OF KIN, GHOST and BLACK DOG. So much fun and so much love for Swayze! We had an amazing time! Sam Elliott is the fucking man!
  15. ROADHOUSE is playing Saturday night at midnight at the New Beverly for those of you in L.A.!
  16. Eliza Dushku was on Howard Stern the other day and she really wants to play the Black Widow in IRON MAN 2. It was pretty cool hearing her talking about it and making a plea to Jon Favreau. Howard and Artie were like, you know, we know Jon. I can't say that she's the perfect choice, but I like the idea better than I do Emily Blunt. I love looking at Eliza and she's a decent actress. She's always solid. I actually think an unknown actress that I've worked with, Natasha Alam, would be perfect, but that's not gonna happen. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1647994/
  17. That trailer did absolutely nothing for me. I love Brad Pitt, but the glimpse here reminded me of his work in THE MEXICAN. In other words, over the top. I remember when this was supposed to be Quentin's ultimate man on a mission flick with Arnold, Sly and Bruce. And Michael Madsen was supposed to be in it too. The cast on display here looks like a total letdown. Eli Roth was probably the worst actor in DEATH PROOF and his buddy from that scene is in here too. And the kid from FREAKS AND GEEKS. Really? I love Quentin's work and have high hopes for the flick, but based solel
  18. Finally got to see the book yesterday when I helped Tim with a photo shoot. It's gorgeous. And I guess I never paid attention to the page count before, but it's massive. Just a stunning book. Loved reading Tim's retrospective about his career. There are some great comments from other professionals. Only had time to read a few of them, but I loved Steranko's. And I've known Grant (Goleash, colorist extraordinaire, for those of you not in the know) as long as I've known Tim and Grant's comments are priceless. Tim and Joe Pruett did wonderful work on this book. Can't wait to get
  19. I love looking at Rhona Mitra, she's stunning. But DOOMSDAY was horrible. And her acting wasn't particularly good in it. I heard Neil Marshall even realizes that he blew it with DOOMSDAY by ripping off just about every movie he loves.
  20. I read that he's supposed to be doing BEVERLY HILLS COP 4, YOUNGBLOOD and then possibly CONAN, though there is no deal signed for CONAN yet.
  21. This is the perfect match of director and material and a film that I never ever have to see. I hope they cast it full of actors I can't stand to make it really turn me off! This is such a perfect match of hack and hack that I almost don't believe it's true.
  22. I just read something in Entertainment Weekly that pissed me off. In an article about how Harvey Weinstein is campaigning for THE READER to win Best Picture: "Industry insiders have been predicting the demise of The Weinstein Co. for more than a year. A string of recent flops, including ZACK AND MIRI MAKE A PORNO and KILLSHOT, have surely depleted the studio's coffers, and Weinstein's actions of late - pushing films off their release dates and dumping another on five screens in the middle of Arizona - have fueled the rumors." Now the article calls KILLSHOT a flop, but doesn't i
  23. Man, I got handed a flier for a test screening of this flick, but I called and they were no longer taking reservations. Would have loved to see it.
  24. Ice Cube, huh? They still let him make movies? He started so strong in BOYZ IN THE HOOD and could've had a real film career after THREE KINGS, but he chose a career path that does not interest me at all. It's sad because I think he's talented.
  25. Was there anything good about it? They looked ridiculous. The action was over the top. The CGI was obvious. I would love to see a great G.I. Joe movie. But this looks horrible.
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