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  1. Bradstreet fans- I have a limited number of these 2 prints. They are signed by Tim in silver. They ship rolled in a small poster tube. $12.50 per print plus $5.00 shipping. If you buy both, it’s $25.00 including shipping. If you’re interested, email me at snarefilm@hotmail.com. First come, first served. Paypal only. These are beautiful prints! -Brian Blade by Tim Bradstreet From the conceptual mind of Tim Bradstreet comes his version of The Daywalker. This illustration was completed after Bradstreet's work as a designer on the film "Blade 2". Th
  2. It's such an amazing turn of events for THE HURT LOCKER. I saw it twice in January 2009 at Film Independent screenings. Kathryn Bigelow was there for both screenings and Mark Boal was there for the first one. It was nominated for 2 Spirit Awards that year for Jeremy Renner and Anthony Mackie. And it did not have distribution. They were hoping for a summer release. Just over a year later, it wins BEST PICTURE, BEST DIRECTOR, BEST SCREENPLAY and a handful of other Oscars. Amazing! When I met her, I said, make more movies. And she said, I'm trying, but it's really hard. Hopefull
  3. Saw it last night. Hugely disappointing. Visually stunning. Some fun performances. But the story was blah and it was really boring. It will probably make a fortune because it's the new 3-D flick and it's for kids, but it doesn't deserve it. And someone needs to reign in Johnny Depp. He looks like a serial killer in this. He's a phenomenal actor but he needs to stop being weird just to be weird.
  4. This was a real disappointment. The characters and story were not engaing. The pace really seemed off early on. And I found it quite boring. I didn't love the makeup, but I didn't hate it either. The transformations were good. And the asylum sequence was my favorite. But there are some really silly moments. I found the climactic fight to be especially silly. Very disappointing. And there's no reason this movie had to cost $150 million. That's absurd.
  5. I know some people who worked on the reshoots for this. Apparently, it's terrible and they spent 3 weeks trying to reshoot half of the movie.
  6. I really hope they don't screw this up. Captain America is one of the most iconic heroes and they have never gotten it right, or even really tried that hard. I'm jumping off a bridge if they cast John Krasinski. I can't even believe that he's a serious choice.
  7. Did you know that Robert De Niro was originally Jedburgh in this remake? He quit or got fired early on and Ray Winstone replaced him. So he probably was American in the script and they just let Ray keep the accent when they recast. There are some really absurd sequences in this movie. I kind of want to rant about them, but I don't want to spoil it for anyone. I will say this, the "Final Destination" scene is absolutely awful and makes no sense. Suddenly Mel turns into Riggs from LETHAL WEAPON. It played like a parody to me. Can't believe it's in the movie.
  8. Has no one seen this film? Tim, really? Not even curious? I saw the test screening almost a year ago and went today to see the release version. Sadly, they didn't fix the film. From what I remember, it's about the same.
  9. Love the shout out to IN THE BEDROOM. That movie still haunts me. Tom Wilkinson is amazing. The movie's brilliant.
  10. RAW DEALS is clearly the way to go. And if you exploit that Jusko image from his bodybuilding days and slap it on a bunch of goodies, you'll move lots of product. Even if you have to pay Joe a royalty, back up the Brinks truck and collect the dough! Just wish I could get his damn theme song out of my head. Every time I go to this site, the song pops on.
  11. I saw the movie today. I enjoyed it. The visuals were outstanding. The Hughes Brothers definitely need to make more films. Loved how they show the action scenes. I wanted more close quarters combat and less gunfire. I've been a fan since MENACE II SOCIETY. Denzel was solid. Oldman was amazing. Ray Stevenson was good. Sadly, the rest of the supporting cast was about average. Michael Gambon and Tom Waits were wasted here. They were good, but weren't given much to do. The story was good, though the execution left few surprises until the end. In other words, the story went
  12. I don't know if I would say I was "girly-tickled" (Tim does have a way with words) but I'm very excited to see Stephen Lang back on the big screen in such a big way. Hope we get a lot more Lang in the coming years!
  13. I think it's a terrible idea. So sad. They messed with Raimi on 3 and what we got was a mess. I happen to enjoy the film, even with it's flaws, but it's still a mixed bag. What makes no sense to me is that you have a hugely successful franchise. 3 made a ton of dough despite the feedback. You have all of the principals back in the fold. Just let Raimi make his movie. When they left him alone on 2, it was the best of the series. Then when you release the film, back up the Brinks truck and collect the money. There's no gamble involved. Rebooting a series that started in 2002 w
  14. I've never seen photos of the strapping young Joe Jusko from his bodybuilding career before. He's quite an attractive man.
  15. I christened my new 52" HDTV with this just before Christmas. It was my 3rd time. Love this movie. It may be my favorite movie of the year. And the above moment was definitely my favorite moment in any 2009 film. It's stuck with me ever since I saw the flick last May on the Paramount lot.
  16. There is absolutely no point in seeing this any other way than 3-D. This is a cinematic experience, not a home video one. I spent $18 for IMAX 3-D and it was worth every penny. Watching it at home on video is pointless. The effects are incredible and are hardly Smurfs. In fact Sigourney's Avatar and Zoe's character are pretty damn sexy. (I know that sounds creepy. But it's true.)
  17. Okay, so I was wrong. I'm an adult. I can admit that. Cameron did disappoint on story and character. And casting for that matter. I usually love the cast that he assembles. But he sure did deliver an amazing spectacle with a handful of excellent performances. The ONLY way to see this is IMAX 3-D.
  18. brianmcquery


    Tom, congratulations on the Golden Globe nomination. You and Jane did wonderful work on the series and both deserve it!
  19. A lot of people were enamored with this movie on the boards before it came out. Then it came and went and apparently nobody saw it. If they did, they didn't post about it. I was never that interested in it. Seemed like I'd seen it before. When it came out in L.A., I considered going, but never did. Well tonight, the New Beverly Cinema had a grindhouse triple feature: PLANET TERROR (Extended Cut) DEATH PROOF (Extended Cut) BLACK DYNAMITE Seemed like the perfect crowd to see it with. There was a large audience for PLANET TERROR. Then more people showed up for DEATH PRO
  20. Has anyone seen this trailer? I dug DISTRICT B13 and I loved TAKEN. But this looks awful. It looks like everything you shouldn't let Travolta do in a movie. I think he's given some excellent performances when he's working with good material and good filmmakers. But this looks like he's back in John Woo territory. And I don't mean that as a positive. I don't even think I can watch this on cable. Can anyone tell me why Luc Besson, one of the best directors of the last 20 years, keeps writing and producing so much garbage? Is it just about the money?
  21. Looks like this turned into an I AM LEGEND thread. I know the guys who made I AM OMEGA. I actually introduced the DP to the Director and they've made a bunch of these flicks. Has anyone seen I AM OMEGA? I haven't. The DP had a screening party when one of their flicks aired on Sci Fi. It was horrible. But he knew it. I love Mark Dacascos and I was pissed that they didn't invite me to set when they worked with him, since I hooked them up in the first place.
  22. I keep missing screenings of this! Terry Gilliam did a Q & A screening while I was in San Francisco. Film Independent screened it last week, but I chose to see the 50th Anniversary screening of ON THE BEACH instead. And American Cinemateque showed it last weekend while I was hosting a poker tournament. Here's a great example of how great and how frustrating it is to live in L.A. Wednesday night, these were my options: ON THE BEACH 50th anniversary screening with Q & A ($7.50 admission) THE IMAGINARIUM OF DR. PARNASSUS (free with Film Independent membership) CRAZY HEA
  23. There's actually another Q & A screening with Jeff Bridges tomorrow night in Hollywood through Creative Screenwriting. If I didn't have other plans, I'd go to that one too. It's that good.
  24. This movie is excellent. Saw it Tuesday night at a Q & A screening with the Writer/Director, Jeff Bridges, Maggie Gyllenhaal, and Robert Duvall. Bridges is outstanding. Great character piece. Really loved it and I'm sure it'll make my Top 10 of the year. This could easily be an Oscar year for Jeff Bridges. Afterwards, as we walked through the crowded lobby, I was 2 feet away from Duvall and stood there looking at him absolutely starstruck. Couldn't say a word. Maggie was just ahead of me. Turned around and Bridges was behind me. I manned up and asked him if he'd come to t
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