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  1. Next book I get then will be direct from the source. Thanks for the heads up Tim. When Joe's book comes out I will get mine there too!
  2. Just got my book from Amazon. I couldn't wait for Bud Plant sorry and I have to say hands down best art book I have ever purchased. Beautiful colors, great layout and Bradstreet art. What else could you ask for? I will be buying a second copy to keep for when my son (whose 2 1/2) gets older. Tim huge thanks for making this available to everyone!
  3. OK I got an e-mail saying mine was shipping next week. I have a feeling there were a ton of pre-orders not surprised.
  4. I just saw Bud Plant just charged my card today so here's hoping it is going out today or tomorrow. This is the first book, DVD etc that I have really been chpmping at the bit to get in at least two years! I was lucky enough to get Maximum Black directly off off Tim at the Dallas Comic Con 5 years ago and really loved that.
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