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  1. So, saw Tom posted a badass image of a skeleton in military regalia. "Devil's Commandos"?! Here's hoping!
  2. Any new developments. I backed the KS, but... Was hoping you guys would give it another go.
  3. Might have it ready as early as 4 October.
  4. Thanks! Just trying to spread the word now and get people to tune in!
  5. A lot o' forum history buried in this here thread. Lot a blood and tears shed here. To me, all the previous Punisher movies can go to hell in a handbasket. Give me a beer and 1.5 hours of Dirty Laundry and I'll cry myself to sleep a happy man. Oh, and popcorn.
  6. Well kids, if you haven't been following on facebook, the first episode released on youtube this past week after debuting at COIL Con in Indiana. We're pretty excited and we've already toppled the 5000 view mark. Check the video out here!
  7. Thanks. Trying to do something awesome here!
  8. Hey all, This just in, looking for some illustrations I can use in a pitch package to some investors for 6 different titles. Not sure if you guys have the ability to help, but need them by this coming friday. Here is what I need and can be stuff you guys already have lying around! Let me know if you can help and what you would be interested in: 1.) Need a female Iron Man type anime style suit of armor. 2.) Need some ragtag mercenaries. Think Colonial Marines meet Firefly. Some sort of sci fi western getups. 3.) Need a gun-weilding superhero style character with a black mask , all black gear and a trench coat. 4.) Need some modern day, alien DNA infected supersoldiers. Heightened abilities that turn them into mindless killing machines. 5.) Need some Space Age marines (colonization projects) 6.) Also have some adolescent superhero types I need designed. Hit me up here or at fredericdoss@gmail.com for details!!! This would be a huge help! Fred
  9. Damn Tim, I've been running a whole blog on this! Check out the sexiness of day 3. http://fredericdoss.blogspot.com/p/movie-day-for-365-days.html Fred
  10. Hey all, dropping in. Have posted some screen grabs on the facebook page of episode 1 of GI Joe:Initiate. We have 4 episodes in the can and going through post. Our first episode will debut at COILcon in Kokomo, IN on 8 Sept! Then onto youtube. Here are some images of my directorial debut:
  11. FADoss


  12. Lately, Catherine Wheel, Five Finger Death Punch, Fort Minor, Mastodon, Cake, Disturbed, Chevelle, Linkin Park, Rage Against the Machine, Jay Z, Everlast and Six Bullet Roulette.
  13. Sorry to see the funding didn't go through. Keep us all posted on how to stay involved. You know I'm down for voice work!
  14. Again, I don't think you are getting the marketing or exposure element from doing a fanfilm... Original work is much harder to push and market (and we are also doing that...for instance with a feature that just hit Chiller), but with an existing fanbase, a fanfilm is a surefire way to get people interested in what you are doing. You can then use that attention to market your original content. I cited several examples above of very successful use of fan films to build a fanbase for original content. It works, IF your film is done well. The only point you seem to be making is that since we aren't making money at it, we shouldn't be doing it, regardless of whether it is fun...or that it has built in marketing components. Your above statement implies that Whedon and Bradstreet would only draw/write/create if they were paid lots of money to do so. I think we all know guys like that just love what they do. In fact, I doubt Whedon needed the paycheck he got from Marvel to do Xmen after creating Buffy and Firefly. I feel a bit cornered here. I'm coming out and saying "look at this cool stuff I'm doing" and you seem to be saying it is irrelevant...or a waste of time, which is a pretty discouraging buzzkillish sort of attitude to take. I just don't get the need to do that...
  15. Thanks! We're up to 48% funded in just a week! Trying to keep up the momentum. Had $200 donated this morning. Learning alot about crowd funding.
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