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  1. Helping my son plan his wedding and possibly starting college.
  2. From what i see so far it looks good but am going to spend some more time going through site and checking other stuff out have to get caught up on stuff going on have not been on in awhile due to a health issue.
  3. Just checking out new sight, awsome
  4. joyce ford


    Hi guys I am back sorry I haven't been on here in awhile was having some health issues so how is everybody doing? Hope everyone had a good Holiday.
  5. Happy New Year and I hope had a good holiday. I know I did my son got engaged over christmas am really happy.
  6. Just wanted to wish you a good holiday. Am wondering have you gone to any comic cons this year and are you still going to make the movie Magnificent Death? Have a safe and wonderful holiday.
  7. Happy Birthday. Hope you have a good one.
  8. They have been messing around to much with this movie. How many times did they change the name They just need to get it in the darn theaters.
  9. joyce ford

    I JUST...

    Thank you know signs of surgery yet am having alot of blood work done and I have to have a CT scan done. I feel like a pin cushion.
  10. joyce ford

    I JUST...

    I just got back from the emergency room thought I had another kidney stone but that isn't what it was have to have more tests done. Hope full it is nothing that involves surgery.
  11. I see the director of Grizzly and saw v has another movie he wants to make. He is trying to raise money on kickstarter am thinking about donating. Sounds like it might be a good movie. They are looking for a few more actors hmm wonder if are very own TJ will try for one of the parts.
  12. Happy Birthday to a very sweet young lady. Hope your day is good.
  13. Happy Belated birthday hope you had an excellent day.
  14. Happy Birthday hope your day was great.
  15. Miss quoted meant to say Goodwill hunting not dead poet society. But still so sad.
  16. So sad to hear about his death. He was a one of a kind of actors. Loved him in Good Morning Vietnam and Mrs. Doubtfire and the Dead poet society.
  17. joyce ford

    I JUST...

    I just am so sad feel like crying about somethings going on.
  18. Happy Birthday Noeland hope you had a good one.
  19. I wonder if they are going to be able to keep the name. Because if I am correct there was a movie by the same name back in 1976 with actor Christopher George. And this movie sounds like it is almost the same.
  20. Now that you said that. I need to go on a quest for that book.
  21. I read about this it is pretty exciting. Don't know how he does all this stuff without falling over from exhaustion.
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