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  1. I don't know why they are so large but thanks for the help mod!!
  2. Beginning around 7pm EST on March 28th Comics For Cures, Blue Line Art and Comics 2 Games will be sponsoring and on-line auction through eBay that benefits the American Cancer Society! Last year they raised over $7000 so lets try to make this year even better. Blue Line Art sent out blank sketch cards to artists and the artists sent them back. It was as simple as that. The link to the eBay store is here!! If someone can tell me how to post pictures in a post then I will up a few that I did. It keeps asking me for a url. Yes I am that tech-stupid... Otherwise you can check them out here. (mod) I posted one in here for ya. Just use the "insert image" button when you post, it's to the right of the smiley face. Second to the right from it. You have to copy and paste the image location into the new window, then hit OK, and you will see the code appear in the field. (over and out)
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