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  1. Back when Dread Central talked about there being a trailer contest, this is the one I did. It's the trailer for "Amazing Mutating Freak."
  2. Oh, you bet. I've already told a friend of mine about it and he seemed psyched to order it as well, so spreading the good word won't be hard to do at all.
  3. I have to say, after going through this book in a day, it has to be one of the most welcome additions to my library. As a work of fiction it's incredible. For a fan of exploitation/horror/sci-fi fare from 1970 - 1987 it's truly a love letter to the films. I think that the characters created in the book, while what we see is just a piece of them, are characters that are fun to follow. Between Ustinov, Chance, Benson, and Swann, along with Darby Silver, I found myself to thoroughly enjoy some of the stories that were being told here. The artwork in the book is amazing. There are sever
  4. Yeah, I have my order notice that it has been delivered and is waiting for me on my apartment patio for when I get home. (Watches clock) 3 More hours...
  5. Sorry for the double post, but I did notice that Amazon now lists it as Temporarily out of stock.
  6. lol not a problem. I did post the trailer on youtube though. A search for Amazing Mutating Freak brings it up, go figure. But see, now all this talk gets me all excited for it again, and now I have to wait on Amazon. Eh, good things come to those who wait!
  7. Oh no, I didn't do the poster idea, when there was a trailer contest run on Dread Central and such, I ended up getting "Amazing Mutating Freak" as the trailer to do. Should have been a bit more descriptive there, sorry. I love the poster for AMF and also Day of the Insects. I think there's art in here I'd LOVE to have up on my wall. I'd love to see some of these made into movies, full length or short.
  8. Yeah this is awesome news! I have to say, with everything I've seen from this, you guys have outdone yourself. I thought it was great how you incorporated fans in too with the poster contest and the trailer contest (heh, cheap plug: I did "Amazing Mutating Freak.") Love to hear good news like this!
  9. Aw man, first time on the board and this is the news . Thanks for the info though, I've had this pre-ordered since June time and can't wait to see it. Here's hoping to hopefully getting it before Christmas! I can't wait!
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