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  1. the torture scene was good, but nothing that inventive, expecting anything else but sadistic out of a torture scene is odd Ray was awesome, true badass
  2. I joined imdb first and consider myself a reg there, but I wouldnt say we deserve that kind of insult, I LOVE jane and his movie made me get into the punisher in the first place I consider the 04 movie to be one of the most amazing movies of my years past, it was a fond memory I hoped for more with warzone because I really like ray and wanted a more max like adaption, will I love this movie? yes, simply because ive put over a year of effort into this movie, and Im going to like it regardless
  3. I think if frank was to narrate it would make for a good movie, look at the end of janes movie where he narrates, worked well going to see warzone tommarow, pumped
  4. ill be your friend did you enjoy warzone?
  5. its just like people slamming ray for so long before this movie came out, its rather annoying eh? WHAT ABOUT DOLPH DAMN IT, HES THE PUNISHER TO.....erm........wait,nevermind
  6. Thats great of steve really respect that guy, cant imagine how awesome he must be to really know
  7. Reviewed by: George 'El Guapo' Roush - 12.01.08 Holy *beep* He just shot that dude in the face!!! ****DISCLAIMER**** This review is for entertainment purposes only. As long as I'm being punished in a good way, then you can continue. If not, then please untie me, because these ropes hurt. I'm not sure why The Punisher has been such a hard character for studios to bring to life. While I've already admitted to having a soft spot for the Dolph version of the character, it's still a pretty weak movie. The Thomas Jane Punisher, though not his fault at all, was just a bad script and re
  8. plus thats a different review than the one I quoted from other review
  9. im not in it for body count alone, though I truly enjoy a GREAT gorefest I want ray to be good, I want originality, and I want it to stand on its own visually wanting everything to be perfect is simply unrealistic
  10. The 3rd act alone is reason enough to see the movie. It's a body count Rambo would be proud of. And the fight scene between Jigsaw and Punisher? Let's just say even the the toughest good guy would try and show some form of mercy. This Punisher isn't that guy. These reviews are getting me all hot and bothered even the one on movie blog that has some negative aspects makes sure to let you know that this movie gets in your face, then blows your face off, then rebuilds you face, then lights it on fire and throws it off a cliff while shooting a thermonuclear bomb at it. Or somet
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