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  1. Hey Thomas, I forgot to tell you something. About three months ago some guy was on my space saying he was you and had a lot of people fooled; around 3,000. Another guy and I figured out his url and e-mail would not be yours he had a jackass.com address; and sure enough we called him on it and he had to fold and surrender the site just heads up for you T.J. Anyways have a good Christmas and New Year.
  2. Hi Guys, I had a chance to see "Punisher Warzone" although there was a lot of action in the film and the character seemed intact from the comics. The film seemed a little "rushed" and put together and the story was a little too easy to see what was gonna happen. I can see why Thomas Jane did not want to do it; it was missing a good script and if you like/love the Punisher like I am sure Thomas does he had no choice. The new guy Ray Stevenson (Rome) does try but it just has too many flaws; one big one the acting. The Punisher 04' had much better actors especially with Thomas of c
  3. Hey Tom, How are you doing? I am a big fan of your work good job keep it up. "Punisher 04" rocked, "Boogie Nights", "The Mist" all good stuff. Too bad you could not be the Punisher again though that role kind of fit well for you. Anyways drop a few lines when you get time; I am down with the beer as well. Shaun Turner
  4. Hi, Thomas Big fan since "Boogie Nights" how did get your mustache to move like that? (The "I want all the drugs scene") That was real cool. Your performance in "Punisher" was great; action film or not. You really nailed the military stuff down; I am a former Marine and it looked like you got some good training for the part. Too bad your not doing "Punisher 2", but I am sure you where not happy with something in the script; it won't do well without you though. Well, good comeback on the working out comments that was pretty funny. Well best wishes to your family and I will look
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