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  1. I actually wrote it as just a bullet flick -- I like boobs as much as the next guy but the character of Evelyn, in my mind, was always too classy to show the audience her breasts -- just to Malone.
  2. Don't fear -- Malone isn't out yet because they've yet to screen it for domestic distributors, not because no one's biting. TJ and crew just finished the color timing a couple of days before Comic-Con -- They might go in and do a nip and tuck on the edit based on feedback, then they'll screen the film. I think they have a few guys on the hook, including Lions Gate, but they want to screen the finished product. So... no one has said No, no one has said Yes, no one with power has seen the film -- but that should all change in the forthcoming weeks.
  3. You know I tried to do my cameo topless but Russell 86ed it -- maybe in Malone 2? Thanks for the clarification on the word "camp" Robert -- we'll take it. Again, I'm really glad you liked the flick and thanks a ton for coming out and for the good review. I hope my bitching over the word "camp" doesn't distract from my appreciation for the rest of your review. Matchstick needs to be cut a bit, then he'll be less Joker-esque and I hadn't thought of it, but yes, some of the humor is very Evil Deadish -- which possibly has the greatest line in movie history: "Yo, she-bitch. Blow." Now THAT'S dialogue to aspire to. Mark
  4. That is a great one-sheet Shawn --!!! It makes me think bubblegum pulp -- Love the orange and yellow. I'm going to print up this one and put it up on my wall as well. I was a bit underslept when I read the review but yeah, I think it was pretty good. I met Robert at the screening and kinda said "Don't kill us too bad, okay?" But he was really enthusiastic about it and seemed to sincerely enjoy the flick, which was really great. We didn't have a ton of $ for this film, certainly more than I'm used to, but not for an action movie -- making an action flick on a low-budget means you have to "embrace the low-budget" which means really sink your teeth into the characters and dialogue to set the film apart, to not make a "Straight to video" flick, which is what we did. Some people will like, others won't. I already addressed the "camp" angle and I'd agree w/ Tim on Matchstick -- unfortunately he got compared to a "poor-man's" Joker by a couple of people at the screening -- As you all know Matchstick was written loooooooong before the Dark Knight came out. Their motivations are very different -- The Joker was all about chaos, Matchstick is all about fire -- but they're both sociopaths who chew up the scenery and show-up in various guises -- so I'm sure the comparisons will come -- but I guarantee this: Matchstick's final appearance out-does the Joker's "Nurse Outfit" by a longshot. The only other thing I'd say about the review is that I have written / directed a produced film before Malone -- it's called Pale Blue Moon, a little indie I'm still trying to get distribution for. You can watch the first ten minutes of it here: Pale Blue Moon Totally self financed by working in shipping and receiving at a post house and by the generosity of friends and family. I'm still hunting down a domestic distributor but its been distributed around the rest of the world. For better or worse -- Probably 95% of the dialogue was as scripted, some of it TJ and Russell came up with in development -- The actors did punch up the dialogue from time to time on set, I can't take credit for French Stewarts "Lady-pants" line (but I can take credit for his SUCK MY SINATRA line) -- I also scripted Matchstick's "Malonesy" nickname -- he and Malone have a tit for tat - He calls Malone "Malonesy" and Malone calls Matchstick "Sparky." That's one of those things that just "Fell out of the typewriter" as most great lines / plots do.
  5. Yes! Russell did do some ramping in Malone. We shot Malone in 25 days. That was nuts. Most of the criticism seems to be from people who think they're going to show up and get a straight film like LA Confidential. Well, the name of this film is GIVE EM HELL, MALONE -- that should tip you off that it's not gonna take itself quite as seriously. I also liked that line about the ironic lead pipe from the reviewer. Good stuff! He got it! My wife's having contractions and I'm on the RAW board. I think I'm in trouble.
  6. I'm not a big fan of the word CAMP -- only because for me personally it only harkens to mind THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW. I think its more PULP rather than CAMP -- It's more of a graphic novel, tonally. It's certainly over the top at times -- but the comedy is DARK -- Pulpy Dark. Hows that for a genre shelf at blockbuster? Pulpy Dark.
  7. I get about 20 seconds and one word. A record!
  8. Well, I'm not quite up for air yet -- baby's coming any day now, but before I get BUSIER-- I gotta agree with Bradstreet -- the screening exceeded my expectations. Everyone who came out to watch seemed enthusiastic and gave us some great feedback. I was pleasantly surprised to see a line wrapped around the room to get in, I had the opportunity to talk to many of the people who came out, which was a little surreal and a lot of fun. TJ's emcee got the crowd going. It was our first screening with an audience, basically a test screening, so it was great to see what worked and what didn't. The plan now is to make a few minor tweaks to the edit, maybe reinvent a character, and lock the film. The overwhelming reaction was positive -- And throughout the screening, the cheers and laughs and cringing all came at the right places, at least to my ears. We got a lot of great compliments from people who dug the film -- Film School Rejects seemed to like it and should have a review up soon. I've heard and read a few opinions who would differ (Hi Jaricketts! ) -- Malone isn't gonna be everyone's cup of tea -- We tried to make it one of those Genre-Defying films -- we weaved a lot of elements together -- CHARACTER, first and foremost, then ACTION, HUMOR and HARD NOSED NOIR DRAMA. Will it work for everyone? Nah. Is it perfect? My mom will think so. The trailer I cut is a pretty even-handed representation of the film -- it includes all of the elements present and doesn't misrepresent the movie with sly editing tricks (which I've done for other films, mind you -- I edit trailers when I'm not writing) -- so if you dig the trailer, hopefully you'll dig the film. Malone isn't a straight noir like LA Confidential -- it's not a hardcore action film either -- Rather its an independent film that tries to pay homage to those genres while attempting to be its own animal -- by creating a unique world of larger than life characters and humor. That was the idea, anyway -- hopefully you guys will see for yourselves soon, and we can parse the results then. Mark
  9. I'll post some pics and vid of the screening later -- but I'll let this latest comment on Youtube speak for the Malone screening: ufcbatman (28 minutes ago) 0 Reply | Spam yo tom best fuckin tom jane movie ever! people go see this movie it will not let u down. HOT CHICKS AND DRUNK DICKS!
  10. People seemed to dig the Comic-Con screening of Malone. We had a great audience come out -- My friend counted around 300. The film got a great reaction and the cast and crew were on hand to answer questions. Thanks to everyone for coming out -- I'll try to post pics and video tonight. There were a couple of critics in the house -- I'll post their feedback as it comes.
  11. Why do I always forget my fucking gun in San Francisco????? Guess I'll bring a knife. See you guys tomorrow.
  12. Congrats on finishing DC by the way -- can't wait to see it. Mark
  13. This would be awesome. Especially if they screened back to back. TJ double feature AND his newest films. BTW: I love the coloring on that Taxi Driver silhouette of Malone. Yes, Malone loves his Mateba more than he does his girl.
  14. Jeez, it's been so QUIET on the Malone front lately, I haven't known what to do with myself -- Googling "Give em hell, Malone" no longer pops up any new blogs I haven't read a thousand times. My wife's dead tired of hearing the trailer played over and over and I'm dead tired of telling my friends "It's in post-production..." I mean c'mon -- is there really anything important to do to a movie after it's written???? Why don't we just screen the damn thing already? Good idea! If you happen to be in San Diego on Saturday July 25th at 10 PM attending a little soirée known as the 2009 Comic-Con, then you might just catch the first public screening of "Give 'em Hell, Malone" ... with a little panel talk from your friendly neighborhood filmmakers. I don't think it's been publicly announced yet, so you heard it here on Raw first: July 25th, 10PM -- Comic-Con. I'm guessing the exact screening location will be available when they announce the programming. Can't wait for all of you to see Malone in action. Mark
  15. I don't think they've screened it for US distributors yet -- they're finalizing the score at the moment. BUT, there is news coming shortly...
  16. Three cowboys are sitting around a campfire, out on the lonesome prairie, each with the bravado for which cowboys are famous. A night of tall tales begins. The first says, "I must be the meanest, toughest cowboy there is. Why, just the other day, a bull got loose in the corral and gored six men before I wrestled it to the ground, by the horns, with my bare hands." The second can't stand to be bested. "Why that's nothing. I was walking down the trail yesterday and a fifteen foot rattler slid out from under a rock and made a move for me. I grabbed that snake with my bare hands, bit its head off, and sucked the poison down in one gulp. And I'm still here today." The third cowboy remained silent, slowly stirring the coals with his penis.
  17. Just a little Cannes update for those inquisitive minds -- Good things happened. They sold to several territories. A lot of times at these markets, they'll initiate the deal, but will close several weeks / months after the market, so I haven't been given any solid info yet. We've also got at least one potentially cool stateside screenings on the horizon, things are still congealing so I'm not allowed to talk about it, but I'll let you know as soon as the plans are solid and hopefully you guys can catch it. I'll report here first before the Facebook page... Mark
  18. I read about this on Facebook -- got the story here, a traffic accident. That sucks. I'm sorry, Tim. Peace to you and your family.
  19. The film is screening through the Market, not the Festival -- I'm not sure if its a public screening, it'll probably be just for distributors, certainly not the press. So there won't be any reviews. I think they're going to try to screen it for domestic distributors at the same time. I think we need to do an on-line RAW screening before anyone else sees it. That would be great. --Mark
  20. That's an awesome lincoln poster!!!!!! You need something for the red kiss -- something that goes with Lincoln and Rosa Parks -- Barack Obama is the next logical step -- Does anyone see a "Terrorist Fist Bump" there?
  21. Hey Jim -- Glad you liked it! AICN posted so please spam away. Yeah, James Bond, Han Solo, Bullitt, Mike Hammer, Marlowe, Malone's got a bit of 'em all in them -- but he lives in a unique world populated by creepos like Matchstick and Mauler. So here's the full Title Sequence Tim designed: BOOM BOOM They are very cool, indeed. I'm glad everyone dug the trailer -- the real star is the actors, of course. TJ chews the scenery throughout --- And that opening monologue aint the whole speech -- at any rate, thanks for following and enjoy those titles up there.
  22. French is really great in this film. Russell shot that scene over and over again in a series. On set, it played out like this: TJ: "Where's Whitmore, Frankie?" FS: "Suck my Sinatra." TJ: "WHERE'S WHITMORE, FRANKIE???" FS: "SUCK MY SINATRA!" TJ: "Where's Whitmore, Frankie?" FS: "Suck my Sinatra..." etc. etc.
  23. It's a sordid tale. But yes, Cash was in and then out and then in. I'll give you the story when my brain cloud has lifted. Tid bit of trivia: The intro speech is one of the few bits that's been completely UNCHANGED since I first wrote the script 6 years ago.
  24. Glad you guys like it! My eyes are, of course, bleeding...
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