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  1. I, for one, wouldn't mind seeing Make 'em Bleed either ........... or the third - and I think TJ came up with this title on set: Kill 'em All, Malone. A little bone to Metallica there. I have not heard from Hannibal either on the sequel, but I refuse to give up hope. Maybe one of these days we can at least pry the comic rights away from them and rope Bradstreet into doing some art? ; )
  2. Hey! That is awesome Noeland. Seeing that bad boy again brings a tear to my eye. I'm very glad that you have it!!! Mark
  3. Thank you very much -- I'm glad you enjoyed -- and moved. Though I can't take much credit for that, it's TJ's acting.
  4. I saw this too -- I have no idea what it means for a potential Malone sequel -- if I get a scoop I'll be sure to post it -- but at this point, I'm prepared to write a "Make 'em Bleed, Malonesy" sequel on my own ... Think that's far enough away from "Make 'em Bleed, Malone?"
  5. Thanks for badgering Hannibal, John and everyone else who sends word their way -- I haven't heard any go on a sequel yet. There was talk, we have the story, now we just need the "financial will" so-to-speak...
  6. Great article, Mike! Very interesting.
  7. Jeez, I just saw the post on Poland's White Noir -- looks fantastic -- !! Just got a photoprinter as well, so I'll be swapping out soon....
  8. Careful who you speak for... ! Thanks! Let's hope it happens.
  9. You guys / gals rock! Pressure counts!!!
  10. Padre -- sorry about the blade in the mouth thing -- makes me cringe too! And yes, firing those emails away to Hannibal about a sequel might be a good thing -- Maybe they'll move it???? And if you didn't like it enough in English: Malone Auf Deutsch Mark
  11. Sorry for the late response, been out of town -- IndieChick -- Everyone creative who works on a film LOVES to hear from those who enjoyed their work -- whether they admit it or not. That's why we do it. For people to watch and talk about. I've taken my fair share of shots too, and if you don't take the time to appreciate the people who dig your work there's no point in doing it. Doug Hutchison actually teaches an acting class in LA -- I don't know if you're local or not, but if you are, check it out here: www.darkwaterinc.com Then go to: "The Art of Stillness." Th
  12. (And it's funny you mentioned the prequel thing -- that was one of the ideas being thrown around on set).
  13. Hey great to read your thoughts Indieflick! It's always great to hear back from people who really dug it. I'm glad you were able to find it (apparently, it's well-hidden) -- and Doug Hutchison's a great guy and actor -- if you haven't found it yet, his website is: http://www.doughutchison.com/ There's a contact on it -- try it! Also, whoever liked the film, let's start a campaign emailing Hannibal Pictures to demand that sequel promised at the end of the movie -- !!! http://www.hannibalpictures.com/contact.php Sheesh -- Gotta pull teeth in this to
  14. Sorry this took so long -- I forgot who asked to see these, but here are two behind the scenes shots of Doug Hutchinson in full Matchstick make-up. Mark EDIT: Marky - Made these a bit smaller and switched 'em out with your'n. Hope ye don't mind none Thanks Tim!
  15. Glad you guys watched and enjoyed! Good to hear. Mike, I got to eat lunch across from Doug Hutchinson when he was in full make-up. I've got a hilarious photo. Will try to find it. Mark
  16. I'm excited to be a part of this and hope we can do justice to these illustrations. Tim's really woven a huge tapestry of a story here. To really do it right, the story struck me first and foremost as a novel -- it's not just a concept, it's an epic saga -- Something that could use 100,000 words, not just 90 minutes of screen time. Now if I can just manage to not screw it up... Mark
  17. Why can't the US have just a little courage?
  18. This is disappointing that the film isn't stocked -- It's not at my local Best Buy either, but it was at B&N where you can pay 20 dollars more than on Amazon for it. Mark
  19. Gad, I'd love to. I originally wrote Malone to direct as my follow up to Pale Blue Moon, it was my answer to an indie action flick that could be done on a dime, but I imagine I'd have to arm wrestle Russell over it / see what he's up to when the time comes. I think he has first dibs. But who knows? stranger things have happened. TJ would be a great choice too, he, of course, really gets it. We'll have to stand by to hear about the sequel -- if Hannibal doesn't greenlight it, I'm just gonna change the title to MAKE 'EM BLEED, MALONESY, we'll swap TJ's tie out for a bolo and go sh
  20. These are really great. My favorite is The Daughter of Erlik Khan -- those two brush strokes for BG and the twisting horse head do it for me. TJ's howl aint too shabby either ; -).
  21. White Noir Sleeve Is Served. Download your own at: The RIGHT Fucking Art Work Right Click and download. FYI: I spoke to Hannibal yesterday and they said E1 is supposedly shipping them copies, so email 'em and make sure they dole 'em out to you, the desevered. (That isn't a word, is it? Screw it). I love this cover, Tim, thanks a ton for doing it up. I'm going to have to get two DVDs, one for your cover, the other for Shawns -- I'm glad you dug the film! Thanks for all of the support on this guys -- John, ALMOST braving a blizzard to get it the day it cam
  22. OK, posted to the FB page -- once again, awesome work Shawn -- thanks for the alt choice to the bastardized art. Are you on FB, BTW? Mark
  23. CHEERS!!!!!!!!!!! That is pretty cool. Where did Farmer get the scoop? Mark
  24. Glad you dig it, Irish --!!! Great to hear. Nothing wrong w/ bootlegging what you've already bought. It's bullshit that you'd have to pay for a rental after you've already dropped bucks for the purchase.
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