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  1. I'm really hoping we'll get to see an official sequel to the 2004 "Punisher" film. The more I read about Thomas Jane's direction of the character, the more sad I feel for this new reboot. I agree, I'm sure I'll see "War Zone" be it in theaters or on DVD, and I won't judge until then. I am on the fence, as I'm sure many people are. I guess I'm biased, being a fan of the 04 version, but I'm not a fan of judging movies before I see them. I usually watch, and then make my judgement, as I'm sure many others do.
  2. I have mixed feelings about "Punisher: War Zone." The Comicon footage looked pretty decent, but the scene that's been posted on the official website is...well...I'll just say I'm really hoping that scene isn't finished, because it sure didn't seem that way. The best vision of the character of Frank Castle on film, to me, will always be the Hensleigh/Jane version of "The Punisher." I'm not just saying that for brownie points. For me, I have to connect with a character in a film in order to "believe" in him or her. I felt sympathy while watching it, and I was rooting the entire time for Frank Castle's brand of justice to be dealt. With "War Zone" It seems way too over the top, in my opinion.
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