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  1. Happy Birthday, Gents! Wishing you both very well indeed!
  2. Very sad indeed - I thoroughly enjoyed his genuine chemistry with Tyrese in the second film, which can completely stand alone, as opposed to the sort of anti-chemistry with Vin Diesel in the first. Just a cool, Cali dude, with a good heart - RIP.
  3. Geez, that's a helluva sale! I swagged up during the summer sale and bought lots for free shipping - but I might have to entirely change my wardrobe and stock up!
  4. Muy belated, but best wishes nonetheless!
  5. jayesse8

    I JUST...

    Hope all is well with Joyce and anyone else experiencing inclement winter weather! We are a little spoiled for mildness in my neck of the woods, but it is catching up with the chill. Take care all!
  6. Thanks Joyce and everyone here! I'm still recovering from 3 days of waaay too many people in one house! Sprinting to Christmas as we speak!
  7. Oh, I see what you mean - stunning though, to have the real thing and imagine how good all those other cover pieces really are! Mind blowing!
  8. That is a fantastic piece. How does one go about commissioning art ... do you describe what you would like to be the image, etc.?
  9. Nice work, Rosella! - - - And why was the Kickstarter cancelled when it looks like the $ goal was reached / surpassed? I'm confused ...
  10. Oh Rosella! I love your heartfelt encounters and your enthusiastic write-ups here!!! I love that you love Barry Bostwick and Jamie Kennedy - who does that, except you and me, seriously?! LOL As close as I get is thus: At our Greek Festival this year (which annually kiboshes my birthday), the venue was shared with an Anime festival. For some reason, dudes were dressed in homemade Predator costumes - one of whom my niece photographed squeezing my head, in about to bite it off pose! Made my day for sure!!! And I was wearing Raw Studios swag - so free publicity, ya'll! LOL Anyway, thank you as always for sharing your experiences here - I love it!
  11. The last Hollywood Game Night, David Giuntoli (for the Grimm fans!) participated and Terry Crews was a blast as well!
  12. Thank you for the pretty! No wonder I dreamt of him lately
  13. jayesse8

    I JUST...

    Coolness! He seems like such a good dude! Congratulations! It's nice to have history on an internet forum, right - everything seems so ephemeral. I'm coming up on 5 years - feeling amazingly at home! Yay! Congrats & Cheers - until later of course ... Holy sh*ite! You are one tough hombre, tip of the hat to you. Agreed! That's what happened to me and I'm down for weeks - crikey!
  14. That is a good find; full length audio - thanks.
  15. Hope it was a good weekend, thanks Joyce!
  16. Happy, belated Indie!!! Stil September, so I made it! Ha!!! Best wishes always!
  17. Thank you all so much! Was sick and out of commission for a bit too long, but still felt important on the day which is all anyone can really hope for! Cheers!
  18. Thank you, John - what a wonderful epitaph to Mr. Elmore Leonard. Mr. Leonard's contributions will be sorely missed, RIP.
  19. Honestly, I think that every actor to play Batman has done just fine respective to the particular piece and genre and tone: Yes, that's right, including Adam West, Val and George Clooney, and the indecipherable moments of Bale. And I agree with John and James, the way Keaton, Bale, and Craig for Bond were totally critiqued then embraced. But, of all the works, the Nolan films have been the best, especially the last - truly one of the best movies I have seen in the last few years (I find so much else of what I watch - though enjoyable, fun, and engaging - to be formulaic, predictable and rote by comparison). I also would not want Bale as Batman without Nolan-vision to surround him. It just feels to me like the Marvellian / DC re-makes and re-imaginings keep nipping each other on the heels, like the new Spideys and Supermans and such ... that being said, there is still room in my head for appreciating and separating Raimi-vision, and Webb-vision (the new Spidey guy), Burtons, Schumachers, Nolans, all the Superman directors (Donner! and Singer! and Bears! Oh My!), and now the Zack Snyder vision. I actually am quite fond of Zack Snyder's work from 300 and Watchmen - Sucker Punch was a good kind of nuts! - (haven't seen Supe yet). I thought Ben made a good Daredevil. I enjoyed the character as an adult anti-thesis to Maguire's Spidey at the time and think he just might make a decent Bruce Wayne and Batman.
  20. Glad you caught it! It is fun - perfect for summer - and I actually enjoy the games
  21. I like the last bunch! From there be dragons on ....
  22. Happy (Belated) Sunshine! Hope you have a wonderful year!
  23. jayesse8

    I JUST...

    It was Halle Berry and Jennifer Garner speaking to legislature at the State Capitol in Sacramento. I agree that the children never had a choice to be in the public eye and are minors and should be left alone, but I also agree with young actress Jennifer Lawrence who made the very good point recently that if she were an "ordinary girl" of 22, 23 with cars full of aggressive (mostly) men chasing after her and peering into her private property, she could call the cops and her rights would be protected. However, because she happens to have starred in blockbuster films, she is told, "there's nothing we can do" and I think that's BS. Just because someone has chosen a profession with moments of public appearances, does not mean he or she has signed over basic human rights of privacy or personal space. I long for old Hollywood when there was professional courtesy all around, from fans, celebs, and press alike.
  24. Oh! And thanks for the SUPERFAN WTF! Sale!!! Super-treating myself order is IN!
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