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  1. My thoughts exactly I intentionally do not read-up on movies I fully intend to see ... Ah, well, some bitchin' pics nonetheless ... gross, but saved by shirtless Jane, thank goodness.
  2. Holy smokes - that is one hot cover ... me likey!
  3. Thanks, Tim and Tom and Mark for all the behind-the-scenes "goodness."
  4. Thanks - funny thing, I didn't see her name in the thread title at first, so I was thinking, "Who's the chick? It looks like Kristin Kreuk with blue eyes" - LOL! It IS KK with blue eyes! I, too, await Wolverine with Liev ... patience, patience ...
  5. That fan art poster is really nice, an excellent painting, that more closely depicts Kristin's actual eye color than the bluer-than-blue of the first poster! She'll be amazing! I love MCD and especially Neal McDonough ... is that what the "7 months to go" is about, or is that for the Wolverine pre-quel? Just wondering ...
  6. Thank you, Thomas! Not to be a pill, though, but I am having trouble with the attachments / links (can't download / play) ... probably some user error on my part? ... maybe someone can help?
  7. The first bold, I did not know ... that would have been a completely different movie, in my opinion - fascinating thought. And the second bold, right on. Keep on trucking - "it's a marathon, not a sprint."
  8. Hmmm ... do you think you might / you could put that up around here ...? Please
  9. Yeah, when I see the hair like that, you've got a point! I'd only really seen him with the buzz-cuts in movies - but he is a pretty good actor and well-spoken behind the scenes. I'd have trouble casting either role, frankly.
  10. Thomas, that was a gorgeous recounting of that scene - thank you for that. I appreciate your passion for the details. I have to agree with you there, Tim. Casting Conan is going to be a very tall order, indeed. People are actually posting at imdb for Gerard Butler and Javier Bardem ... which makes me think, "huh?" I like your idea about an unknown, but what do you think about Kevin Nash? MikeV beat me to it, but I am concerned about just any wrestler. Kevin has the size and the acting charisma, I think, to handle it. P.S. Oops, I just caught up with the Thor thread, where Kevin is a favorite. I guess it just depends on the kind of "hair day" he is having for Thor vs. Conan.
  11. Thanks, Tiara - and - Thanks, Jen! I'm glad you liked that. Indeed, I am all about the details ...
  12. Oops, was that too much? <blush> LOL! I think Jen posted the format on the first page of this thread ... Thank you! I look forward to being able to participate in some of these discussions - after thorough reading up, of course! Take care, J
  13. Hey everybody! I'm usually shy to do introductory posts - the talent and knowledge around these forums is pretty humbling, inspiring, and intimidating, to say the least! - But I thought I should observe the board courtesy. Thomas Jane's acting brought me here. He has what I call a quality of mutability (where I can't seem to recognize him as "Thomas Jane" from film to film) which is really the true measure of acting, I suppose. Anyway, here goes ... Name: Joanna Location: NorCal Your Interests (besides Tom, of course): An eclectic mix of different types of film, music, and art; acting, filmmaking (behind the scenes, stuntwork & stunt driving); writing. Admittedly, my background is lacking in the comic arena, but I grew up on a diet of commercial & poster art ... When did you first become a fan of Tom's? Probably Deep Blue Sea, then The Sweetest Thing ... I seem to "re-discover" his work every few years due to the "Jane Phenomenon" - that mutability thing - I mentioned above. What are your favorite Tom-related films? Too soon to tell, I am still catching up. Actually, my favorite "things" are performance-based moments within each work. What future Tom-related project (comics/films) are you most anticipating? Everything, but I'm primarily a film-lover, so Killshot; Dark Country; Mutant Chronicles; Give'em Hell, Malone; Oh! - and I'm intrigued by that Lycan business! How much have you seen of his Filmography? Not nearly enough, but I am working on it ... thank goodness for Netflix. ...
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