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  1. Happy, Happy Birthday John!!! Many happy returns of the day!
  2. Happy Belated Birthday, Oh Irish One!!!
  3. Happy, Happy Birthday Tom!!! What an EXCELLENT video tribute from Rosella and the gang - great job all!!! With my very best wishes, Joanna
  4. Happy Birthday, Tim!!! Rosella always says it best (and I very much appreciate that she does!) but I wish you all the best as well! Joanna
  5. It seems he suffered much from being nearly too introverted for his own career. Such a shame, and may he rest at peace from his demons.
  6. Happy (belated) Birthday, Sinn!!!
  7. What a great concept - I love it and I loved that episode! I applaud JGL for his unique and wonderful sense of global artistic community and just plain being a cool, generous citizen of the planet. I think we are both the trees and the fungii, by the way ...
  8. I know, seriously! I can't believe I survived it as a little kid - now, I'm like a human cactus or something.
  9. It's a good hat! But I'm digging on 'Street's sunglasses headband!
  10. Great find, thanks Rosella!
  11. I love the throwback elements! Fun!
  12. That's an amazing clip - I feel extremely oily now, yeeck. And that's an incredible find because I don't think the episode has even aired yet - and it is not on TJA's IMDB credits yet. Cool!
  13. Happy New Year everyone! I love that insignia plate - very cool! Hope you feel better Noe and hope everyone is healthy and happy into 2014
  14. Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays to everyone!!! Sorry Jen and anyone else who had to work today ... hope you still get a few days off. Love and Best Wishes all around!
  15. Happy, Happy Birthday Jen!!! I hope that you have a great day!!!
  16. That is probably the best review for any movie of all time! Definitely plan to see it and might even buy a Dodge because of it! LOL
  17. I agree ... it is just not sinking in. I have Vehicle 19 on the DVR and Running Scared was a wild ride ... he has done a variety of films peppered amongst the F&F.
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