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  1. Yes, yes, yes! It appears that Max will have that sort of covert, late introduction in the film a la Man of Steel. I like the tone (color & theme) very much. I recently saw Mel's II and III again and was transported by my nostalgia of the first time I watched them. How do I say? I just love me some bad a$$ stunt driving and some early Mel Gibson to boot. But I look forward to Tom Hardy's spin ... now that you mention it though, I enjoyed The Bourne Legacy very much only because of Jeremy Renner (I haven't seen any other Bournes, and of course I've seen The Hurt Locker) and think t
  2. Thanks for the trailer! That was pretty intense - cannot see film alone!
  3. jayesse8

    I JUST...

    Sinn! I am sorry to hear about your sweet cat, RIP, and your health scare! Yikes! It is shocking but seems not uncommon that we can walk around feeling okay and unbothered, then suddenly it's "oh we have big problem here!" Glad it was caught and corrected in time. Feel better soon!
  4. Thanks Mike for sharing and keeping us in the loop!
  5. Thank you for telling us your experiences!!! Mostly good, some not so much (Bruce!?). I love me some vicarious celebrity encounters! You highlighted some cool folks. Alan Tudyk is an interesting cat and Clifton Collins (who I want to call Gonzalez-Gonzalez) has really, really grown on me (Sunshine Cleaning, anyone?) Good stuff all around!!!
  6. Oh! Looking forward to the tales from the front lines!
  7. Happy Belated Birthday, Oh Irish One!!!
  8. That's an amazing clip - I feel extremely oily now, yeeck. And that's an incredible find because I don't think the episode has even aired yet - and it is not on TJA's IMDB credits yet. Cool!
  9. Geez, that's a helluva sale! I swagged up during the summer sale and bought lots for free shipping - but I might have to entirely change my wardrobe and stock up!
  10. Muy belated, but best wishes nonetheless!
  11. jayesse8

    I JUST...

    Hope all is well with Joyce and anyone else experiencing inclement winter weather! We are a little spoiled for mildness in my neck of the woods, but it is catching up with the chill. Take care all!
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